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Excellent! I never use Quick Search, but I would if it had this (e)
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Can we add a Telephone # search box to the Quick Search page?

Telephone # is far and away the most frequent search I do.  Approximately 95%-99% of the searches I do are Telephone #.  Typically I'll see an add for a provider, copy the phone # and search based on phone #.  I imagine many others are doing the same thing.

The way it is set up now, you have to click reviews and click again on advanced search and then scroll down the page to find the telephone # box.  Can we just add it to the "Quick Search" page you land on when you click the "Reviews" tab????

What do others think?


Agreed! The entire site could use help from a usability standpoint. "New Search" Should be on every search page and frequently used fields should be near the top. Also, separating area code and phone number is annoying, use some code logic and make it easy on us.

My thoughts exactly - in general I am very happy with the site, but there are opportunities for usability tweeks.  

Show of hands (or posts) - how many people actually search by area code any more?  With the prevalence of cell phones and visiting providers, area codes have become irrelevant as a search criteria.

Also, names are duplicated so many times.  How many girls named "Star" are there out there?  Many girls are using multiple phone numbers to market themselves with different names on different sites with different prices.  

I find I search by phone number most frequently.  I'd like it if we dropped the area code field in favor of the phone number field in the quick search boxes that appear on several pages.

From TER home page.  After installing, highlight the phone number with or without none telephone characters, then click the TER Search on your toolbar and there you go.

But I agree with you - it would be great when using a browser that TER plugin does not support.

Seriously, I can't believe that ridiculous form that needs to be filled out to find anything on this site.  I've never seen a reference website that does not offer just a general search box where you can type your query and find what you need.  It's actually ridiculous not to provide it.  This would more than take care of your phone number quick search needs.  

In order to compensate, I use this link It is lightning fast and returns exactly what I'm looking for.  Type in in the site and any phone number and you'll have what you need.  Being more specific like /reviews/ or /discussion_boards/ targets your search.

It could be easily added to the site but alas, Google charges for this service to be added to a site so I doubt we'll ever see it....member fee revenue I'm sure goes to more fun uses than member features.

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