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5/27 - 5/29 - Taste Maple: Your Wholesome & Sweet Midwestern Treat! [Pic Included]
MidwesternMaple See my TER Reviews 3495 reads

Early 20s. Big Brown Eyes. 36-28-36 (Curvy). A co-ed at a great Midwestern university who likes to travel quite a lot. Friendly, alluring, outgoing, smart.

A very sweet & wholesome girl... but golly gosh, have I got a sweet tooth for naughty boys & businessmen.

So... Won't you let me taste you?


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5/26 - 3 p.m. on.
5/27 - 'Til 12 p.m.

D.C. (DuPoint or U-Street Metro)
5/27 - 1:30 p.m. on.
5/29 - 'til 12 p.m.

Arlington (Rosslyn Metro)
5/29 - from 2 p.m. on.

Taste Maple's Syrup... on Sale!

5/27-28 (Sunday and Monday)

Arm Candy Specials: I'd love to check out some of the DuPoint Area restaurants, bars and nightlife...and It's always more fun to dine, drink, and dance with friends!

    On the Town Time (with or without private time) - 100/hour
    Dinner Date (Dinner, followed by 90-120 minutes in private) - 550

5/27-29 (Entire Trip)

In-Call Specials - Romantic Adventures:

    400 - 75 minutes
    500 - 120 minutes

Maple is amazing... glad to see her (you) back in DC. :)

Run to see Maple!!
She is great!

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