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If a review gets approved, figure out a way to eliminate all of the "don't know"s in the ASP's
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profile. I can understand if the reviewer doesn't have a chance to find out everything, but some reviews have so many don't knows, it's like what's the point? If the provider being reviewed has a chance to answer some them herself, and everybody understands that it's her who is saying, yeah, I'll do this, but won't do that, it would make them a lot more helpful.

that you'll find on her profile.

If, for example, it says "don't know" for something like DATY, and you know she does and is fine with that, then go ahead and ask TER to change it.  You'll get a few days of VIP for your efforts.

One adviso:  If she doesn't something with you that she won't do with just anyone (Greek comes to mind.) don't report it without her permission.  Many gals have hidden menus that they offer only to select clients.

Got yah, but I've tried that. The point is reviews with a bunch of don't knows are hardly worth posting, and I'm suggesting that it is an area worth looking at.

I wouldn't say hardly worth posting. Having a couple of good reviews is a fair indication that a provider is honest and that's the most useful piece of information that this site provides.

I see your point though. It seems to me that the profile shouldn't be set to what the first reviewer put and then only changed in response to a problem report, because the first reviewer may not have inquired about a specific service. I mean, let's face it, you don't give the provider a questionnaire in preparation for your review, we're not anthropologists.

Perhaps a better way might be that if any reviewer puts 'yes' or 'no' for anything that is currently listed as 'don't know', that profile entry is changed.

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