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What I find the most perplexing in this situation is that I am being persecuted by my peers before anything has even been proven. So much for the American mantra "Innocent until proven guilty." The FBI is obviously investigating me because of the nature of my business. However everyone would be incredibly foolish to assume that I am the only one being targeted. Every escort and adult agency including Body Miracle, especially considering the owner's (Robert Holliday) recent conviction and imprisonment by the FBI for income tax evasion (search it), The Girl of Your Dreams, Lexxi Tyler, Pamela Peaks who blatantly advertises sexual services for sale on her website, Demi Delia, LA Direct Models, etc. are very highly likely the subject of an FBI and IRS investigation. And anyone who does business with them is very highly likely a part of that investigation. These are the risks everyone takes when playing with fire. To say that I have known I was being investigated for at least 5 years is not accurate however I have suspected it from day one and anyone who puts themselves out there publicly in any highly scrutinized business should suspect the same thing. I have not been indicted by the FBI. They issued a search warrant which resulted in them confiscating computers and other recording devices. This however does not mean that they are going to find the "smoking gun" they are looking for. And I am confident that they won't find it, although this is the US government we're talking about here. If they can invent weapons of mass destructions then God only knows what else they are capable of. Regardless I have not broken any laws. Bella Models (and Nici's Girls before that) has never offered sexual services for sale, promised that sexual services would be rendered or asked anyone to break the law on it's behalf. Never. Escort services (although I despise that term and have always maintained that I make introductions) are perfectly legal! As for the income tax evasion theory, my taxes have been filed and paid diligently every year and were never filtered to an offshore corporation which is what Robert Holliday was found guilty of. The government's next course of action is to issue subpoenas for clients and employees to testify before a grand jury as to whether any laws have been broken by me. This is a frightening thought not because I have broken any laws but because most people in this world will always tell you what you want to hear even if it's not the truth if they think it will save themselves or if they simply have an axe to grind. Our justice system is incredibly flawed. Yes it is true that I was arrested by the local authorities for possession but that was only a side effect of the search as they found a very small amount of cocaine in a pocket of a pair of women's jeans that were on the floor in one of the bedrooms. I won't say if the jeans were mine or not because even if they were not I am not a rat. The paraphernalia they list is a small pipe that a girlfriend of mine who is a model brought back from the 420 convention that she worked at in Las Vegas recently. Unfortunately for my husband and I though this was enough for us to be removed from the house so that it could be searched without us there. No matter what the outcome of this investigation is I am calling it quits. After a decade I have had enough. Clearly. Before this happened I had already planned to sell out of this business by the end of this year as I started a new unrelated business (reported by which is already proving that it will be a great success. So now I am in the process of selling the Bella Models website and domain as well as the Nici's Girls domain and all of the contacts and telephone numbers associated with both of them. I am already in negotiations with a few buyers but if anyone else wants to inquire they may do so to There are many of you that I will miss but it's time for my next chapter. xoxo Nici

Paragraph much? ;)

With the glaring attention of the FBI and law enforcement agencies everywhere, would it really be a wise move for anyone to acquire the name of BellaModels? Isn't that just asking for trouble?

And what about your false statements you issued about 'not owning the company anymore'? You wrote them yourself on this board and you were called on it, now you're changing your story?

This is seriously confusing.  It's a simple question that we're having difficulty clarifying.  Is she the owner of Bella Models?  Yes or no.  At first, I thought yes - then, I read a post that said no.  But here, she says yes.  What gives?

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The answer is YES. She attempted to back peddle until too many people pointed out the inconsistencies in her stories. The funny part is that the bio on the myspace page for her new later-ego Michelle Kellener has rougly the same info that she used for the bio when she was using the name Mona at the start of Bella Models.You can find posts by her as Mona on this very board.
She can change her name but  a leopard never changes its spots.
    It is laughable that she would believe that a reality show featurng both she and Angels Taylor would be picked up by a network considering they both particpated in an earlier pilot about her life as a MADAM! I am now convinced that the article about her attempting to sell her client base years ago is true. Discretion and reality shows don't really go together. Then again...she is anything but discreet.
   Now with this sale she is selling our personal information to someone? Time to cancel your credit cards boys and change your number! Was'nt it here a short time ago that she offered to sell the phone numbr of the girls? Michelle Braun has no loyalty to anyone. Not the clients who have patronized her services and certainly not to the women wo have paid for every last nip, tuck,car  home and husband. I mean at least the first one had a job.
    Good luck with your new "endeavor" (lmao). Please just stay away from the hobby people like you are what give agencies a bad name.

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Anyone else notice 1sideeffect only showed up on TER after all of this happened? Not sure exactly what has him or her so angry but it's sad that we live in world that is so full of hatred and anger perpetuated by jerks like this. Not sure what it is that I ever did to make 1sideeffect so angry. My guess is he's likely one of the FBI agents on this case. I can't imagine what I ever did to anyone who did business with me that would make them behave the way 1sideeffect is. I provided a great service to many. Fyi the reality show pilot we filmed for E! a few years ago had absolute nothing to do with this business. Do you think E! would actually consider such a show? Not very advertiser friendly is it? The show was actually centered around Amber Smith, a former supermodel who hit a career rut and was looking for a fresh start in Miami. The idea for the show was very similar to The Janice Dickinson Agency. Ultimately Amber decided to do Fox's Anchorwoman (although they replaced her) which is why the show didn't work out. You can now see her on Cinemax's Sin City Diaries. Anyhow this will be the last time I ever post on or read this board. I just wanted to clear up the misinformation about the tv show.

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While we are correcting false statements,.................

    Robert Holliday was not recently convicted or imprisioned. He did have some income tax problems of which he has thus since resolved and paid. However, he never went to prison. This case had nothing to do with the company BodyMiracle which he sold over 2 years ago.
      This recent statement Michelle, Mona, Nici,or Bella made about her arrest was nothing more than a blame deflection. She tries to shift the focus onto Myself, Pamela, Lexxi Tyler, Robert Holliday, The Girl of Your Dreams, LA Direct Models, Accountability is obviously not going to be the subject of her "next chapter".

     "He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else."

Your services will be missed by this community.


That's an escort agency?
Thought that was a casting agent company so producers could find models/performers for their adult films.  I've read posts on this board where guys have asked if they can meet PSs off there only to have sly or fasteddie tell them no.

Ever notice that every LA Direct Girl escorts with the same agency and hits London all at the same time?  Some in the industry have suggested its not really a coincidence and that Derek gets a cut.

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