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Last Night...I dreamed of you.
Now understand.... that this dream was nothing
Nice ... or sweet. This dream was all Lust passion, and

I dreamed of you.. taking me....with your hands... lips
and tongue... holding me hostage burning trails down my thighs
Hot like the Sun...and I let you...
I wanted you... I needed you to whisper filthy things in my ear
As you tied my wrist.....and tilted my hips.... to reach your lips

I had no you left wet trails with your tongue over my womanhood... I parted my legs for you like the entrance to Nirvahna
Had just been opened

Yes..... I dreamed of you last night.....
as I arched my back from the waves of pleasure you filled me with
As you made me cum to new heights ..... I knew this was a gift...

Then you smiled at me and said that you knew the language of my you entered me.... Long thick and deep with each stroke
you broke me down... Till I was thankful for the way you fucked me for the way you communicated with  me..........Soulfully.... and complete leaving no sensual stone unturned.....

Alas,....comes the morning light... and I am weak... drenched wet in my sheets.....all because of you ..... when I dreamed Last Night.

Hi guys! Hope you all are having a wonderful week. Happy fathers day to all you dads out there!
I am pre booking for next week AND I have 1 more spot to fill for our XXX group play on June 23rd. We have greek, squirting, pussy gallore, food, drinks and whatever your kinky minds can imagine going on for the party so just bring your stamina and be preparred for an outright fuckfest!
Doubles available with the following smokin hot ladies: Playmate Brooke, Krystal Kisses, Cristin Sparks, Ginger Taylor, Jamie Lei and Misty Rivers.
Dads you can have greek on me all next week OR 90 min/300. Just my way of saying HAPPY FATHERS DAY guys :)
BTW to the hot little Canadian chick I fucked at the club last night, THAT WAS HOT!! ;)
I look forward to..... with you soon haha!
Hugs and kisses

I also have my two sexy UTR GFs that most of you already know and love I am also doubling with as well :)
PM me for details
Hugs and kisses

It's gonna be so much fun. ;) This pic makes me want to use your little slut paddle on you! BTW Speaking of the slut paddle that you used last night, it reminded me too of  that little Canadian chick. She was fun last night. I got to enjoy her too! See you soon.

She was so much fun!! She squirted on her hubby while I was sucking her clit! My head was a little shaken BUT was WELL worth it! She returned the favor without hesitation. To bad you had to leave because I got my perfect DP with 2 amazing gents! What a night! Damn makes me want to take a trip to Canada lol
Girl you KNOW at our party I'm gonna spank youwith that slut slapper(your tits and pussy) while the guys take complete advantage of me. You know I have that wand and strap on too. Hell JoJo and I are gonna work on making you squirt! haha!
Oh my! I can definitely see that blindfold and wand coming out ;)
MMmmmm cant wait!
Hugs and kisses

I love squirters, I think that's so hot! I hope your upcoming party goes well, it sounds like it'll be a blast.

Awww thanks baby!! I cant wait for our party!!! WooooHooo!!
Oh yea... You have a PM :)
Hugs and kisses

unbelievably sexy.. beautiful.. tasteful... wow!!! lady.... just wow!!
nothing is sexier than a beautiful mind.
keep those beautiful dreams coming~

mmmmmmm if I keep looking at pics of your sexy ass I may be having wet dreams about you ;)
Thanks Shannon!
Hugs and kisses

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