Cassandra Ela
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I think the very first time it even occurred to me to visit with a TS provider was when I saw Cassandra Ela's picture awhile back...never called or visited but it created a curiosity.

Now she is advertising in others know of her or have any experience to share.

I searched reviews and didn't find anything


LATSDog4626 reads

Its probably here....tons of attitude and not too warm of a person.

michev3619 reads

Saw her 6 years ago in Hollywood. Stunning looking but a cold fish.

nlrchcly2812 reads

this is great feedback....anyone know what she's like as a date? i'm completely intrigued and would seriously consider asking her to dinner just to meet her but not if it's going to be filled with attitude. thanks!

LATSDog2762 reads

I'd expect the date to cost you even more.  Only an assumption.  I personally have no desire to make small talk with a person who is not too warm.  Does she offer dinner dates? She had a website at one time.

FYI - Posting on CL in Los Angeles (West Covina) tonight.

I know, the CL ad is a fake.  

LATSDog2566 reads

Yea, it the same pic collector..saw that awhile back myself.

johhnyshiloh1394 reads

Just saw her at her condo in Miami.  Looks exactly like her photos, has incredible breasts with no scars!  She was very nice on the phone and very sexy and fun when we got together.  Didn't have the experience some posted about.  No attitude at all!  She is confident and very smart and that may intimidate some, but I would definitely repeat.

Ok, I saw her a year or so ago in Chicago.  I asked her to meet me in the lobby bar for a drink and she did so - no extra charge.  I had a scotch and she had water and we had a great conversation.  Went upstairs and had a good time.  She is not a top.  Had a nice encounter and she was polite and kind.

I am a business woman, not a conversational object.  If you Do Not like the way I handle business, find someone who is suitable to your advantage.

I do post on Craigs List and not a Fake like most individuals gentleman on here.

Saw her a couple years back.  She is blazing hot and she seemed to be really into me.  Had a great time and would see her again for sure.  I could see how she might be a little on the YMMV side

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