ts Brandy Scott
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legendary transsexual Brandy Scott is in New York. Does anybody care anymore???
I visited her 3 years ago, average session (wrote a review but getting reviews approved is impossible as you all know) She always held a special place in my heart, my number #1 porn star in movies, and I want to see her again, but thinking for 2 and a half roses this 40+ year old plus may not be as awesome as she once was.
anybody see her recently?
dont get me wrong, id love to see her, but low on funds right now, not sure if i miss her now will she vanish again for a couple years.

LATSDog6029 reads

She lives in S. Cal and posts on CL daily.

I saw her perhaps a year ago and had a nice time. I, too, was thinking about giving her a call during this trip.

As far as getting reviews approved, I totally fell your frustration, as well. I've recently submitted 4 reviews and only one was approved. The funny thing is that apparently one person on the board was recently posting fake reviews under numerous names and yet THOSE were approved. It's almost not worth my time to submit them anymore.

Saw her on her last trip to NYC.. She has gained a ton of weight and her room stunk from cigarettes. Besides that she was friendly and her cock is awesome but tough to recommend her with the extra baggage..

asnlvr4725 reads

I can't believe she is still functional.  She hit the wall in the late 1990's.

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