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one of the best parts of a session. IMHO
Really an erection producer for me!!

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I won't see a lady unless she enjoys DFK. How do you feel about it? I enjoy it through the entire session and not just the greeting. If a lady does it well and is really into it I can get hard in no time flat. Do you ladies do it because you have to offer it or do you truly enjoy it?

For first meetings I don't do much kissing until we are naked.... I like to get to know my friends a bit before I hit them with a DFK. I'm all about making a connection that leads to DFK, yearning and longing.
My favorite time for DFK is during MISH.....locked in with passion.
Kissing adds to the connection. I have found that some kissing techniques I've encountered don't turn me on...and when that happens I unusually share with him my kissing techniques, so that we get into a groove.
I like to chat some before the temp starts to rise and I always ask about kissing and DATY. A girl needs to know what she has to look forward to! :)

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No matter if you are a first timer, or a long time friend. Kissing is an absolute must with me, & most definitely has to continue throughout the entire date. & I'm not talking little pecks here & there either. For me it enhances the experience & feels incredibly intimate & that is my goal with each & every gent that comes through my door. My bud is hard as a rock right now just typing about it! Lol!

I have had a couple gents that don't kiss & I had a terrible time getting through the session, & did not invite them back. It felt completely void of any semblance of passion & desire to me. Not my cup of tea.

to post this on,

cant speak for any of the other old geezers here , but kissing is a must , just love some romance to warm up the passion

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Ditto from this old gent's point of view.  Without kissing, its just too much like commerce.

Dear Sexy Carolina:
I was wondering on how many levels do you need to connect with a prospective friend before you exchange a passionate wet one with them?

I think maybe I am more into LFK.   Not always real sure what to do with all that tongue stuff.  I guess I aint int o palying tonsil hockey.  But a little bit is great.

Wheteher DFK or LFK, or BOTH I just love kissing. I agree with heartsonfire. Its imperative to me. Its all part of making a connection with the person you're with and therefore having MUCH more fun!!

I love long make-out sessions and find myself actually losing track of time. I would never see a man who has not pre-qualified his love for kissing. Sex without kissing seems just to impersonal for me.

Kisses Haley

Sorry for shouting, but if the lady does not DFK, I move on.  That is a must.  Kudos to you girls that love it, I wish you were all in Tampa.


foreplay leading up the fireworks explosion. Kissing and fondling and, etc. are all good.

Kissing, just lips, LFK,DFK, I just have to have it. The better and more the kissing the more I will enjoy the session. If there is no kissing or not much beyond just lips I'm going to lose interest. I do like to switch it up and sometimes go back to soft, slow, sensuous kisses after going at it hard and passionate and then go again.

patti5938 reads

Thanks to mall for the feedback.  I am glad to see others feel as strongly as I do.

it can be omitted. But if it is a GFE or PSE type of experience it would be disappointing/unacceptable without it.

....I love it I can do that for a long time just making out and not get bored :). If he doesn't try to choke me with his tongue or drown me in his spit and brushed/flossed/gargled then we can get it on for a long time. I keep a giant collection of glosses/lip glass/lip tar/lip sticks/lip you name it @ the ready haha.

one of the best parts of a session. IMHO
Really an erection producer for me!!

Or so I have been told.lol I do enjoy kissing LFK and DFK not just at a greeting but during the time that the gent and I are together.Teasing with little soft kisses slight nibble on the lips is a good start leading up to a good make-out session.I don't do anything I don't want to do I do it because I enjoy it with the right gents that like to take it slow and do not want to ram their tongue down my throat.

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