San Diego

Question about hotels in San diego..
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I am thinking about coming to San Diego but not sure where to stay
to have incalls..
Any suggestions are appreciated ..Thank you!

Rancho Bernardo/poway, Mission valley

theyve never done me wrond  ;)

The Hard Rock Downtown

Paridise Point Mission Bay, or Bahia

The La Costa Resort Carlsbad

You can use google to find what hotel your looking for, Mission Valley is centrally located here in San Diego.


Posted By: diamondgrl23
Rancho Bernardo/poway, Mission valley

theyve never done me wrond  ;)

There are some Hotels in La Jolla Village Drive or La Jolla Cove or Bird Rock...but they're kind of ricy though...I am just across the beach so u expect a beach envirronment so there's no air room is beautifully renovated and whne you stand by the verandah you got to have a peak of the Ocean...plenty of parking though...housekeeping is can request for extra towel and they are not a problem as long as your friendly and you leave tips evrytime you have to have your romm cleaned... and your guest does not have to pass by the lobby...

Mission Valley is cool as well, as they are centrally located and it is amidst of San Diego and the hotels are freeway accessible...but don't check in @ Comfort Inn, Best Western by the i see of  lot of unnecessary acrivities there you know what i mean...Ramd sucks co'z your guest needs a key to go in your room...I cannot trust Marriott...u know why...Marriott in La Jolla Village Drive is just fine but you be discreet...basically, if you gonna be in Mission Valley area your best bet is to rent an apartment of the portofino has an execustay price and u have to book them thru Marriott Hotel  and it is an apartment...

Hope this helps and good luck on your search...

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