1st visit to TJ next week
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I'm heading down to San Diego sometime after the 1st and am looking to go to Tj for the evening to early AM for some fun.  It seems as though the couple of 'strip' bars would do the trick vs an incall, but are there advantages/disadvantages to that plan?  I'm not going to have a room in TJ as I need to be in SD overnight to do some work (sometime around 3AM-5AM...so leaves plenty of time) and I can't leave it to chance on spotty computer connection.  I'm planning on parking just outside the border and walking across then taxi'ing to either Hong Kong or Adelias(SP?) bar.  Would it be more adviseable to find a cheap but decent room and order in?  When I've spent time in another border city I've done that and just had the guy at the hotel arrange something...

Up in the US, I'd always stick with a provider but in TJ it seems plentiful and cheap to go to the bars...I'm just a little worried about the safety factor and chances for rip off sessions with the language barrier once we get in the room.  From reading posts here it seesm like around $60 to $80 for a half hour with a few negotiables like CIM and Greek.  Do they generally stick to a 'one and done' method or is it 30 minutes multipe cups?  Do 60 minute sessions (if any) go multiple cups?  I'm a 2 cup guy mostly and like some play time in between.  I'd hate to get shuffled out of the room after pop1.  Are the strip joint 'rooms' really rooms or is it a back closet with a dingy bed?

I don't have PM right now so post here please and thanks in advance for any info.


It's once and done with Bar Girls.  Also, Bar Girls do not (except in fairly rare situations) provide Greek and/or CIM finishes.  When paid extra for these services they typically take the money (in advance) without providing the service(s).  Nor are you likely to get a GFE session or even a bbbj from a Bar Girl.

The basic act of prostitution--paying a women for sex--is legal in Tijuana, but brothels are illegal.  So most of the time you have a take a Bar Girl to a hotel, which is often next door to the bar.  (If you do have sex on premises in a bar the session will be rushed and the location something more like a broom closet than a hotel room.)

As a rule each bar has an arrangement with a hotel (often they have common ownership) so you don't get to pick what hotel you can use with Bar Girls, unless you wait until the chica is off duty.  (Not sometime I recommend on your limited schedule).

Be aware that the hotels used by Bar Girls and Street Girls aren't the best.  Some street girl hotels don't have hot water and/or have a communal bathroom.  Bar Girl hotels are better, but still flea bags.  (Don't expect sheets to be changed between sessions.)  

There are some independent hotels in the red light district, of which Hotel San Diego is the best.  That being said, I wouldn't want the HSD or any other hotel to get me a girl.  The rate will probably be almost what you'd have spend going through an escort agency, but the service will be worse.

There's another major I wouldn't have a hotel find me a chica.  Most of the time the chicas do not provide a good session as they know the hotel will call them again since the staff could care less if the customer is happy.  The chicas know all the hotel wants are chicas who will come when called.


Here are the main categories of providers in Tijuana:
--Street Girls (SG)
--Bar Girls (BG)
--Massage Parlor (MP) Girls

Most walkers lack the health cards needed to legally solicit customers.  So, unlike Street Girls, they roam the streets instead of having a location where they can be found day after day.  Most walkers are drug addicts and some have STDs (another reason they cannot get a health card).  I advise avoiding walkers.

Street Girls stand in the same place during their shits.  The charge less than most other type of sex workers (often as little as $25), but sessions only last about 15 minutes.  The sex is mechanical and they provide fewer services than other chicas.  Be careful to negotiate everything you want in advance as SGs are famous for up-selling in the room.  They typically don't provide dfk and a bbbj (only a cbj).  Sessions end when the time is up or you pop.  (One and done to use your phrase.)

Bar Girls typically charge $50.00+ for what is supposed to be a 30 minute session.  (Chicas at Hong Kong [HK] ususally want more than those at Adelitas [AB].)  The sessions generally end early because most guys rent room for 30 minutes ($15.00+) instead of for the night ($30.00+) and hotel staff gives a "times up" knock on the door at 20 minutes.  Sessions also end when you pop--even if that isn't what you agreed to downstairs.  Most bar girls do not provide a bbbj, let alone a CIM finish.  They'll still want the extra money you promised even if they didn't provide the services agreed to in the negotiations.  (One and done to use your phrase.)

Massage Parlor girls I no longer recommend, although in the days before escorts I really enjoyed them.  You'll pay the house about $40.00 for a room and straight massage.  You pay the girl $80.00+ for sexual services you negotiate in the room, although sometimes you can get a package for $80-$120 that includes 30 minutes of a (mediocre) massage and 30 minutes of sex.  The girl will (usually) be with you the full 60 minutes.  Some will allow a second pop, but others will only give you more massage time after your first pop.  MP girls (like BGs and SGs) are not in the habit of providing dfk and bbbj, let alone Greek and a CIM finish.

Escorts are you only option for a guaranteed session that won't end with your first pop.  And a session that provides a bbbj and other GFE services.  Escorts usually charge $120.00 to $150.00 per hour, and you pay the hotel room on top of their fee.  Greek and sometimes a CIM finish are extra.  (Greek, for example, is usually $50.00 more--if the chica provides Greek.)  Be sure to discuss your desire for Greek and/or a CIM finish when booking the date as only some escorts provides these services.  The agency will let you know which of their escorts will and which will not provide these services.  Finally, be sure to deal with a reputable agency or all bets are off.  (IMHO the three top tier agencies are Mexico Lindo Bar and Hot Tijuana with CuminTJ a half step behind.  Live Latin Angels and Adult Baja are second tier agencies that usually provide good service, but have more no-shows, bait-and-switch and other problems than the top tier agencies--which very seldom receive customer service complaints.  Most escorts will not go to the flea bag hotels in the Zona Norte (Tijuana's red light district).  That really isn't a problem as Tijuana has a number of nice "Love Motels" that charge around $30.00.  You'll also need to pay for a taxi, around $5.00 each way.  Also the Ticuan (at 8th and Revolucion) at about $60.00 is very nice hotle and a good choice for those you will be spending the night and/or doing multiple chicas.

CIM- cum in mouth or ejaculating in the girl's mouth
Greek - anal sex
ZN - Zona Norte, where Tijuana's red light district is located
BBBJ - oral sex without a condom
CBJ - oral sex with a condom
DFK - deep French kissing
DatY - "going down" on a girl
MSOG - multiple shots on goal, meaning the session ends when the time is up, not after the first pop (the opposite of once and done)
GFE - Girl Friend Experience, which at a minimum includes:
--Sexual intercourse with a condom

For what it's worth:  

You'll be spending a lot of money coming to Tijuana and won't have time for a "Plan B" if something goes wrong.  So I recommend seeing an escort from a top tier agency.  You'll get a GFE session and the "extras" you want (Greek, CIM, etc.) if you discuss the matter with the agency when booking and selecting an escort

Hotels in the ZN are flea bags.  Unlike the Love Motels (such as El Premier, La Mansion, etc.) the do not change sheets between short time rentals.  In contrast the Ticuan and the Love Motels are nice places.

Unlike most providers, escorts are paid when the session ends.  So they have a big incentive to provide good service.  My experience with US escorts has not been good, whereas with Tijuana escorts (from the top tier agencies) it has been excellent.

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Since I recommended escorts, I should add that the rate for multiple hours is good.  Several agencies provide over night dates for $300.00.  Normally the date starts at 10pm and ends at 6am.

IMHO 8 hours of GFE for $300.00 is a good deal.  And, as I said above, TJ escorts are the polar opposite of what I've encountered with all too many US escorts.  GFE sessions are what guys get in TJ first time, every time.

While escorts do expect to get some sleep, they don't roll over and say good night after the first hour.  Most guys want multiple pops--and those that want them get them.  

I think you're planning on re-entering the US between 5 and 6am.  You might want to go a little earlier as workers hours start around these times.  Pedestrian lines, like the auto lines, are very long when people are crossing into the US to go to work.

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Wow Burt, 1000 thanks for that very informative summary.  I will be in your debt for what hopefully will be a good time.  While I"m still interested in the bar scenario, I will definately look harder at a straight escort, maybe a multi hour session as you suggest in your follow up.

Now just one more question...what would be the 'Top Tier' agencys?  1 or 2 should suffice if you have a name or weblink (as I am requesting the data, I'm guessing this will not appear to be an 'AD' or shill post if you reply with the info).

Again, thanks.

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Wow Burt, 1000 thanks for that very informative summary...

Now just one more question...what would be the 'Top Tier' agencys?  1 or 2 should suffice if you have a name or weblink (as I am requesting the data, I'm guessing this will not appear to be an 'AD' or shill post if you reply with the info).
I hope you're right about this not being seen as an ad or shill post.  

For the record:  I am not affiliated with, nor in any way compensated by, any agency or escort for what I say (or for anything else).

I actually named top tier agencies in the above post.  But, since you asked, I'll provide url information and some observations.

Top Tier Agencies:
MexicoLindoBar dot com
HotTijuana dot net

1/2 Step Behind:
CuminTJ dot com

Second Tier Agencies:
LiveLatinAngels dot com
AdultBaja dot com

A couple of others:
BajaGFE dot com
SophiesFriends dot com

You should, of course, see the websites for these agencies to get more details about things like rates.  My impressions are:

MexicoLindoBar (MLB) is the largest and is the first honest-to-goodness escort agency to set up shop in Tijuana.  (However, when MLB started there was a  HotTijuana website with a different extension that existed as an association of independents.)  MLB has the most escorts and, IMHO, the worst website.  They are generally regarded as being the leader in customer service and many a man whose been stood up by another agency has had MLB find him a date at the last moment so he didn't strike out.  They are a full price agency, meaning the first hour is $150.00 an hour.  They offer a 3-hour daytime and 8-hour nighttime special for $300.00.  Their escorts consistently provide GFE sessions.  It's run by an English speaker.  

HotTijuana (HT) started as an collection of independents, Tania being one of them.  (Tania, now 40+, was a famous bar girl.  She's a legend in her own time and is often called "la famosa.)  I've "done" Tania and some of her escorts; I have always been very satisfied with HotTijuana.  One of HT's advantages is their chicas all own cars saving you taxi fees.  HT is a full priced agency with escorts that always deliver a GFE.

CuminTJ (CITJ) is in my opinion a half step behind MLB and HT because they call you back instead of answering the phone when it rings. That, of course, can cause problems if they call while you're working, with your wife/so, etc.  Also, the person who runs this agency--I know him and he's a good guy who speaks English well--doesn't live in Tijuana and consequently doesn't personally know all his chicas.  CITJ is a discounter, and perhaps the only discounter that consistently delivers GFE sessions.

LiveLatinAngels (LLA) is owned by a (former?) puta.  She tends to side with the escorts, sometimes at the expense of her customers.  She sometimes hires good looking escorts that have been fired by other agencies.  She charges escorts who quit $80.00 to remove their picture from the website, so the LLA website contains pictures of chica who are not available.  (See why I say they're a second tier agency?)  They've had some problems with no-shows and escorts not delivering a GFE.  They're a discounter.  Most of the time things go well, but they have more problems than the top tier agencies.

AdultBaja (AB, not to be confused with Adelitas Bar) is probably the most disreputable major agency in Tijuana.  The owner advertises her agency as "the only female owned service in Baja."  It's a lie; both HotTijuana and LiveLatinAngels are female owned.  Adult Baja is years behind updating it's website--literally.  Their flagship photo is of an escort who quit several years ago  and they're advertising a chica as pregnant who had her baby months ago.  They post special prices they don't honor, as I know first hand.  (Start to get my drift about Adult Baja not being the most honest agency in town?)  They've had lots of bait-and-swith complaints as well as no-show complaints.  Most guys, most of the time, get a GFE--unless something goes wrong, like the girls not showing up or not being the girl requested.  There is more uncertainty about what will happen when booking a date with Adult Baja than with a top tier agency; there's a reason they're a discounter.

BajaGFE is a new agency that only has a few girls.  (Most of who are or were part of SophiesFriends.)  They are a deep discounter.  There's a lot of turnover.  Some of their chicas, but not all their chicas, provide GFE sessions.

SophiesFriends is another deep discounter.  Sometimes their website is up, sometimes its down.  They've gone through a couple of names as changing the name of the agency appears to be easier than correcting its problems.  Some chicas provide a GFE and some don't.

Agencies catering to locals:
Be aware that Tijuana has other escort agencies/websites that I'm not going to list because of their high rate of problems.  Often this is because they cater to the local market, not the Gringo market.  Agencies catering to the local market typically only provide full service, not GFE, sessions, so I advise avoiding them.

Saving money is nice, very nice, but my experience in life is you get what you pay for. IMHO some agencies have to discount as it's the only way they can compete with the top tier agencies.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks again for all the info.  I will probably make some calls on Monday to set something up.  I do apologize for not noticing that you mentioned the 3 top ones in your first post (I think I was in info overload), but I do appreciate the recap and web addresses.  I've already gone to MLB's site and it does seem like they have a batch of nice girls.

I also noticed there is not a lot of ads on the TJ ad board and that the most recent one was about a month ago.  This is one of the reasons I was asking about which are top tier.  In my experience if someone does not refresh their ad or website for a long time it means they are either misrepresenting things or kind of lazy.  Getting some first hand knowledge to the contrary is good.  You're right about the cheaper not always being better and if there are $300 for multiple hours (3 or 8), that seems like a good enough deal to me.  I am a bit interested to see what I would get picked up in if I went with a HotTJ girl.  Are they pretty punctual or do you end up standing around at the border for a while?

Thanks again for all the info...it's more than I could ever have expected.  I've got friends who say I am crazy for wanting to go to TJ as it is 'bad' or 'dangerous' and it's good to have some more accurate info to go on the trip with.


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 You're right about the cheaper not always being better and if there are $300 for multiple hours (3 or 8), that seems like a good enough deal to me.  I am a bit interested to see what I would get picked up in if I went with a HotTJ girl.  Are they pretty punctual or do you end up standing around at the border for a while?
You'll probably wait under 10 minutes at the border for a date with a Hot Tijuana chica.

Mexico Lindo Bar is the most punctual of all the top tier agencies.  They'll probably have an English speaking taxi driver arrive on the dot to pick you up.  (The round trip taxi fee will probably be $10.00.)

Some CuminTJ chicas have cars, but I think most use taxis.  Like Hot Tijuana, your wait won't be long.  

I'm probably not the best person to answer this as sometimes my dates come to my place in TJ and sometimes I pick up my dates.  Plus these days most of my dates are with local civilian chicas.
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Thanks again for all the info...it's more than I could ever have expected.  I've got friends who say I am crazy for wanting to go to TJ as it is 'bad' or 'dangerous' and it's good to have some more accurate info to go on the trip with.
I hear this sort of thing all the time--from people who don't know anything about Tijuana.  It's not true.

I'm an Anglo who speaks Spanish relatively well.  For the past decade Tijuana has been my full-time or part-time home.  I know what I'm talking about.  

If somebody living in the US, after reading a few sensational newspaper stories, thinks they're right and I'm wrong I have a few questions for them.  Where is and what is the Casa de Cultura?  Where is the Tijuana historical society located?  Where and what is UABC?  What type of animals are displayed in the Tijuana Zoo?  When and where is the Tijuana Mozart festival?  My point is all these people who tell you derogatory things about Tijuana really know nothing about the city. (I bet most don't even know what the Ready Lane is.  Or how to get to it.  That's their loss as it's the fastest way, without a SENTRI, to enter the US in a vehicle.)  

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I'm also interested in going to TJ and the information on this thread is great. For planning purposes how long does it take to walk from TJ back to the US. I have done the trip before but not for several years. Last time I did the trip it was straight through from US to TJ (maybe 10 minutes) no border check. From TJ to US there were usually long lines at the border check and it would take 1-1.5 hours. Is this still the case? This was walking. Is there a faster way to walk through?


As I see it, there are two "walking times."
1.  To the border
2.  The wait time at the border when crossing on foot.

The walk to the border:
Walking from the red light district (commonly called the Zona Norte) and/or the downtown tourist district of Avenida Revolucion to the border usually takes me about minutes.  I only do this in daylight and strongly recommend using a cab at night.  A cab will be $5.00 (less if you get an honest taxi libre driver who uses the meter, but it's not worth fighting over the buck you might save.)

The wait in the pedestrian line to cross the border:
How long you will be in line to return to the US varies greatly based upon the day of the week and time of day.  Sundays and holidays have by far the longest wait times.  On Sundays and holidays you have both tourists and those who are visiting family returning to the US making the wait the worst of any day of the week, including late at night when there usually isn't a wait. Plan on two hours when crossing on a Sunday, although it might be only an hour.

Consistently the worst time during the work week is in the early morning hours of around 5-9 am when people living in Tijuana and work in the US cross the border.  It's also a bad time to cross because of those who live in Tijuana but (illegally) are enrolled in the various school districts located in San Diego County.  (Obviously the wait is shorter during summer months and when schools aren't in session.)

From 9am to noon is hard to predict.  This is when a lot of people cross to shop in the US.  Some days the wait is long and others it isn't.  Often the wait is around 45 minutes, but once again, these hours are very hard to predict.

From around noon until the evening commute hours it is again hard to predict have long you'll wait to re-enter the US.  Most often it will be 30-40 minutes, but there are lots of exceptions.

From around 4pm to 7pm the line is also long as this is when those living in the US who work in Tijuana cross back into the US.

Somewhere between 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm the line usually dies.  When line dies it only takes 5-10 minutes to cross, Sundays and holidays being the exception for the reason given above.  (Daylight seems to be a factor as during daylight savings time the line tends to die later than it does when it gets dark earlier in the day.)

I should note there are some times when the above doesn't apply. Spring break and the Christmas shopping season, for example, take on a life of their own.

The above sort of follows the 80/20 rule.  Most often that's how things will be, but there are plenty of exceptions.


Let me also address the commonly held misconception that from Tijuana you need a passport to re-enter the US.  You don't, although I wish everyone had one because the lines move faster when the agents can scan a document instead of having to manually enter the data into the computer.

The CBP has done a fairly good job of making people believe that a passport book or a passport card is needed to return to the US when visiting Tijuana.  But it is just propaganda.

If you have any type of gov't issued ID (such as a driver's license, military ID, etc.) you'll be able to return to the US with only minimal inconvenience for not having a passport.  You won't be denied re-entry.  There are no fines.  You won't even be sent to secondary.

When the lines are long there is a separate line--which is longer--for those who lack a passport.  You may also get a lecture about getting a passport.  Otherwise there's no penalty for crossing without a passport.  (And I should note that late at night there isn't even separate lines for those with and without a passport.)  

Finally let me state that these days the wait in line to re-enter the US, while tolerable, is longer than several years ago when a verbal declaration that one is a US citizen was all that was needed to re-enter the US.  These days 99% of the time the CBP agent will enter your data into the computer to see if it is valid.  (Occasionally I get an agent who knows me as a frequent crosser and waives me through, but usually even if the agent knows me he runs my ID.)  Entering data into the computer obviously takes longer than asking what is your citizenship.  Consequently the lines are longer than they were in the good old days before the Bush era changes that resulted from 9/11, but only fully took affect a couple of years ago.

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Thanks for the very detailed response. I'm looking forward to going back to TJ.

Posted By: Burt2010
Posted By: SmegmaJones
 Mexico Lindo Bar is the most punctual of all the top tier agencies.  They'll probably have an English speaking taxi driver arrive on the dot to pick you up.  (The round trip taxi fee will probably be $10.00.)
Thanks again for the info.  I have booked some time with one of the girls from LindoBar and am looking forward to the visit.

I understand your disgust with people who buy into hype about a place being dangerous due to something being said from someone who heard from somebody....without any realy backup.  That's one of the reasons I was planning on doing the trip whether or not you replied.  It is good to have extra info though so I can be further ahead of the disinformation curve....speaking of that... I read your other post about not having a passport.  I was buying into the fact that you did indeed have to have one.  I do have one and was planning on using it, but am a bit leery of getting a stamp on it as there is a minor chance that the SO might look at it.  Do they stamp at the border or just scan your passport?  The last time I was over the border at a different crossing they did not stamp, but I was in a car and they pretty much just looked at the passports as we drove through...nowhere near the gatehouse.  I'm guessing as you walk through the walkup crossing, it is right at or through the gatehouse.  If they do for sure stamp, I might just go with my DL and deal with the extra hassle.

How's crossing at 12-3AM or so?  I'm taking your advice and getting over before 5 (before 4 really), and am gussing that will probably be a lax time mid week.


Gracias mi amor.

Any answer on the 'stamp' question?  I'd like to avoid having the TJ stamp on my passport, but don't want a hassle leaving the country either if I don't bring it.


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To answer the above questions:

Passports are only stamped when one enters a country.  Mexico lets you enter Tijuana on foot (and by car) as if you were crossing the street.  There are no customs agents, no passport request, zip, nada. The US does not stamp passports when one re-enters the United States.  

So your passport book will not have a stamp if you cross from San Diego into Mexico by foot or car.


The wait in the predestine line at the San Ysidro crossing to re-enter the US from midnight to 3:00am typically will be something like zero to three minutes.

When taking a cab to the border tell the taxista to drop you off at the linea SENTRI.  That saves you having to cross the street.

Sorry to take so long to answer; I've been busy and haven't been on-line in a couple of days.  Glad others answered.

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I've still got to post a review, but I wanted to do a quick trip recap for those of you who are interested, or were at least interested enough to fill me in on the info.

First off...I did go with one of the providers suggested.  I won't shill for anyone, but I had a 'Sunny' time working with MLB....and I mean baseball of course...not an abbreviation for anything else.  I did screw up though and ended up driving over the border.  I called the booking agent and he got me to a corner where I waited for the taxi that was supposed to pick me up...he drove to where I was and I followed to the hotel.  It was nice and even had a garage to park in, so no biggie on having the car there.  The visit went well and 3 hours later I was getting ready to mosey on...however...

As this was my first time over I felt I should experience everything TJ had to offer...I picked up some Vitamin C at the 24 hour Pharm and headed off to the bars to see what was going on there.  I made a short stop at Chi and headed to AB.  Wow!  There were 80 or so girls and the one I started talking to said 'yeah...it's slow because it's a Tuesday...normally it's 200 or so'.  I bought some drinks and socialized and made a visit upstairs.  I had a nice time, but the provider visit was nicer and without having the time pressures.  Hindsight being 20/20, I should have just paid for the room all night and visitied a couple of times.  hung out a bit longer and moved to one other bar for 30 minutes or so before heading to the border around 3:45.....

That was a mistake.  I got to the border line at about 4AM...I got over the border at 6:30...completely blowing the work I had to get done in SD an hour before.  Apparently there is something going on where they are reallly...REALLY looking at who is crossing the border.  I went to Mexicalli the next night and ran into the same thing...1.5 hour wait at 1AM....mirrors on sicks below the car...German Shepard sniffing in my trunk and US military standing guard at the border with AR-15s.  Somebody bad is trying to get over into the US...

Anyway, I had a great trip...got little sleep an spent some money.  Thanks to all for the helpful info.  Next time I will definately get off before crossing the border...that was the only bad part of the trip.


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