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catch me while you can!

Are you bored, restless, needing the company of a pretty, bubbly and intelligent woman? Let’s spend some time together, sweetie. I’d love to entertain you!

Gentlemen, if you’ve seen my ads before, or you’ve read my reviews, you already know that my focus is your pleasure. Want to learn more? Check out the well-known review sites to read my excellent - and HOT - reviews.

Let me tell you a little more about what a date with me is like…because I’m like no other woman you’ll meet here.

I typically plan for us to spend two hours together...for that my fee is a flat rate $295 - no, that's not per hour...so yes, that's the bottom line for an afternoon or evening of good company and great fun! Please understand that although my fee is for my time only, I don't carry a stopwatch and a calculator, and I don't prorate. Please note that my rates are not "fee for service" wherein “”this" costs "that much"...this isn't a la carte, it's more of a buffet! Other than the possibility of a small travel fee - depending where you are - there are absolutely no additional fees, nor do I expect gifts, or any type of compensation for anything else at all, regardless of how we spend our time together.

I'm not aware of anyone else who charges a flat rate for several hours of time, as I do. Many ads refer to half hours, hours, even something kinda scary called an "express"...what the heck is that??? The reason I structure my companion services this way is because I believe it's most pleasant for both parties to chat, laugh, relax and get to know each other a bit...isn't that what good company is all about?

I thiink it's funny to read about "unrushed" service...take your time, there’s no rush at all - but the meter's running, baby!! LOL!! Not me...again, one fee…all afternoon…all evening…as long as we want.

Put your watch in the drawer, sweetie, we won't be needing it.

so...how about afternoon at the beach with a pretty lady on the blanket beside you? An evening out with a fun, attractive companion? A quiet evening at home, just the two of us? Perhaps you'd like companionship and intelligent conversation…or maybe, companionship and NO conversation? It's whatever you desire…when you’re with me, it’s all about you.

Please email me for an appointment. Pre-booking is appreciated, as I never see more than one client on any given day.

I'm looking forward to spending time with YOU.  until we meet, then...

sweet kisses,

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