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This weeks poll.      When is your favorite time to do it (sex)?

It can be a time of day, time of the year or another time like on vacation in the ocean or shower time.

For me it's in the Morning within an hour or so of waking up.  Nothing more sensitive as morning wood :)

As per the stipulation in my contract, points are awarded randomly and boobie points may or may not be given.

Happy Hump day !

My favorite time is whenever my ATF says, "Get over here, NOW".

Hmmmmm.....I just couldn't decide which answer to post, so I'm posting them all.

Normally, my favorite time of day to do the deed is in the evening by candle light. I just love to put on some mood music (Kenny Rogers and Conway Twitty are my faves), slow dance in the living room, kiss seductively, then move the action to the bedroom. I'm very much a romantic.

Then there's the spontaneity of waking up the the middle of the night. I awaken slowly, already hot and wet, wondering if I've just had an erotic dream. As I gain more consciousness, my eyes still closed, I find that my man has been rubbing and fingering me in my sleep. Even before I am fully awake, I am moaning and rotating my hips. Yum!

My favorite time (occasion) to do it is after attending a swing party. Unfortunately, this doesn't happen often enough. There's just something about the sexually charged atmosphere at a swing party that is absolutely erotic. I'm sure it has to do with seeing the other ladies prancing around in sexy-as-you-dare attire, seeing the flirtatiousness and darting eyes of the men, and of course the rock hard cocks that I like to tease. Afterwards, I just LOVE to take my man back to our hotel room and hump his brains out. The last time I did this, we fucked for at least 2 hours straight. I glowed for days.

Oh, and a pic of my boobies is attached so you won't forget my boobie bonus this week!! LOL

Marie in Asheville

Somehow, alone just isn't any fun.  Well, it's fun, but not as much as when you have someone to share with.

I gave ya the boobie points from last week.
I don't see and answer from you for this week ?????

I thought maybe my boobies had distracted him.

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