Maybe a SW??
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Or, guys like you could just cruise thru the seedy part of town and pick up a street walker.

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Previous provider had a scheduling conflict. Don't want/need any verification drama, but can provide my cell number, email address and the like. (edited by moderator). Any thoughts would be appreciated.

to remove exact hotel.   Saying north Charlotte or University area or something like that would be much, much better for everyone involved.

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What is BP? Sorry I don't know.
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...I didn't give out my room number or anything...there must be 200 rooms here or so, right? And to have "cop written all over me' is moderately offensive. Damn, just trying to meet someone.

No reputable lady here that I know of will see you without either a) VERY good references, or b) VERY detailed screening, which for me would include your full name, DOB, and employment information.  And once you have given me all of that, I would require 72 hours to complete my screening before meeting with you.  

It's probably safe to assume that you're not going to have any fun tonight unless you go to (I believe I can spell that out here since it's NOT a review site ... admin Nazis =)).  

Just be aware that you are more likely to get someone who is ~ a) completely different than who is pictured, b) the girl in the picture but she wants to upsell everything for $$$$, OR c) a cop ~ if you do not want to provide screening information.

Or, guys like you could just cruise thru the seedy part of town and pick up a street walker.

and I'm glad that the moderators ended up taking your hotel out of your post, even if it was hours later.  But here's the deal:

You think that because your hotel has 200 rooms that you're anonymous there.  But this is a public board, and anyone - LE and hotel employees included - can read it.  And OUR (the providers') PICTURES are also on this board.  So now you say "hey come see me, this is where I am" and LE says hmmmm "let's wait outside the hotel and see if any single girls show up and just stay for an hour."  

Also, it is well known that Marriott has a rewards program to give its employees incentive to report suspicious activities.  Housekeepers get $100 if they figure out that a girl is working out of a room.  If you don't already know that, then you should.  

You really seemed to think it is okay for us to risk our safety to see you, and without any 'verification drama' to boot.  Not gonna happen.

Discretion is essential in this game, and not just so that a wife doesn't find out.  You have a lot to learn.

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