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Fresh off the M&G, seeking BBF (Boyfriend Forever) Any takers?regular_smile
LuciSweet 5225 reads

Just kidding. Nothing last forever, except diamonds.  What is a modern girl to do? So here I am seeking temporary boyfriend for an hour or two or three......you decide ;)

When was the last time you were with a young woman who has unbounded enthusiasm and also knows what she's doing?

When you look into my eyes you'll see real passion because I love what I do. You'll get no play-acting from me (unless that's what you're into).

I'm young, sweet, fresh and fun with unlimited enthusiasm. I have enough experience to know what I'm doing, but not so much that I'm spoiled.

Completely natural doesn't just describe my body; it's me inside and out. I'm the real deal - mid 20's, 5'4, toned beyond belief, with outrageously beautiful skin and a rare combination of innocent and sexy all rolled into one hot package.

I'm brunette, quick to laugh and slow to tire - with lots of heart and soul. What else do you need?

I'm not for everyone - but if I'm for you - no one else will do.

Special rate for TER member $400/hr

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