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Ill be in MB on june 6th and seem to be having a hard time finding a upscale lady for the evening. Suggestions

I know you asked earlier than the dude who posted after you.

He was looking for fun things to do in Charlotte.

Ok can't resist, maybe ya'll should hook up!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL

Damn sometimes I am funnier than even I can imagine!
Modest too!

Ok serious business. First of all Ms Carlisle is stunning but feel the need to let her know this is the discussion board, the other one is the ad board! Opps! Will just take this chance to comment on her, STUNNING pics and the reviews.....OH MY! Did that sound like Mr Sulu(Star Trek reference). Yes that is because I am not sure I can spell his last goes...George Tekai of course he usually says that when he is admiring men and I am using it to compliment Ms Carlisle on her beauty, sex appeal and reviews but who is counting.......hehe

Ok so 2just4funn, I been around this board a long time. I have passed along many a great recommendation but "upscale" leaves a whole lot to the imagination. "Upscale" is in the eye of the beholder, right?

If you ever decided to spend a little time on BP you can see almost every gal on there is "upscale". Then sometimes they go on to mispell every other word and maybe even not spell "upscale" right!

So DUDE if you are asking for a little you know help, get specific. I mean you do not have to do what I see from time to time on another board where dude is asking over and over for small penis humiliation. Heck I do not have to ask for that I live it everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL

What I am saying is there are some stunners around MB, Marley, Bree and they do doubles. Seen them both, GREAT GALS. Peaches is just SEXY, can't really define that, just know when she posts pics all I ever say to myself is THAT woman is SEXY! There is a gal down there named Kennedy.

I can get myself into more trouble naming a couple and leaving gals out. Just trying to say if you got an idea of what you really are looking for, age range, menu options, huge breastesessssss, small breastesssss, big butt, small petite gal..............

Beautiful sexy gorgeous incredible women come in all shapes and sizes and temperments and options while visiting.

Being so non-specific is like gathering GREAT GREAT chefs and they are all interested in serving you their best meal and you look at them and say, "Me Hungry, food"!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do not feel humiliated though, 9 out of ten dudes who ask for referrals or suggestions on this board do the same thing.

Anyway, just wanted to give you a little something to think about cause if you know what you want, there is a wonderful woman in the hobby who most likely can provide it for you.

I know what I want, the hottest, sexiest, greatest woman I can find and want to have the best time I can have with them. Not tooting my own horn but the gals I have reviewed have left me consistenly considering myself the luckiest fella I have ever met.

Now if I can catch up with a couple I dearly want to spend some time with I will be even luckier.

Anyway, just trying to do what I can to help.

Hope what I have said helps you see the need to narrow your search by asking yourself what you are looking for. Then ask again and you are most likely to be able to find a woman who suits what you are looking for.

I Concur!

Shifterp OUT!  Hey Maybe Ms Carlisle gets to MB!  Youza!!!!!!!!!

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