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Nothing better than getting your whistle blown!

Okay ladies and gentlemen it's time to share some of the funniest moments that occurred while you were having sex!  I remember one time a girl I was dating and I were driving in my car and the conversation turned to sexual fantasies and I mentioned that I wanted to get a BJ while driving.  Well she immediately leaned over and started going down on me.   Just then we pulled up to a stoplight and a copy pulled over next to us and looked over at me! I just waved and did my damndest to keep a straight face while being sucked LOL

A LONG time ago, probably before most of you were born, I had an extremely adventursome girlfriend. We had taken a day trip to Stone Mountain and both of us decided we were feeling frisky. We found a secluded place in the woods and the action got hot and heavy. About the time she and I were having our orgasms, we happen to notice we were near the train tracks of the old locomotive that used to travel around the park. We noticed because the train came by, whistle blowing, full of tourists. There was nothing to do but enjoy the moment and wave at all the gawking visitors.

Nothing better than getting your whistle blown!

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