Re: it's legal in parts of Nevada, so it's not impossible...
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I like your thinking. I need medicinal booty. sexual healing if you will allow.

I was planning on commenting on an earlier post, to agree that this board is dull! So here is my question.
What would it really take to legalize this hobby? So much of the down side would be eliminated with just a little control and boundaries. I don't hobby often..... about every 6 weeks or so. But I've meet some truly wonderful women. I don't subscribe to the whole friends with benefits concept. Sometimes I just want a different girl to cuddle up with. Sometimes I want more than a cuddle. We have to do "CSI" type research to avoid LE. Who does the hobby really hurt. Cut out the pimps and crooks and what's the problem? What the ladies do with the money is none of my business. Many of the women I've met pay their rent or buy extra special items for their kids. I'm sure there are female accountants out there buying crack and gambling their wages.... but neither is any of my business. Politically what needs to happen ? Is  there a pro - hobby candidate?

There's my two cent.......

What would it take to form one ?  We need an organization that would begin to lobby for the hobby and sex workers rights.  I also think we need to have a non profit organization that would be able to raise funds to provide some programs for legal and medical assistance for providers.  It's just not fair the ladies take such risks for our pleasure, yet have do not have adequate medical insurance or access to a well researched and coordinated legal defense.  

We have plenty of business professionals in this hobby; we should be able to do something.  We wouldn't treat our employees this way; why should we let this injustice go by unanswered?

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I can supply a few reasons why not. Firstly the USA is a christian country, so anything that is a sin is easy to legislate against, but nearly impossible to overturn. Along those same lines are the number of people we are talking about. There a 250 + million americans. How many of us degenerates AND add in the fine, beautiful ladies who are in this with us and you probably don't even get 1% of americans. Just like pot, there are still waaaay more americans happy to have any activity they don't do made illegal and negatively stigmatized.
   Second, how would the fed regulate it? Milk, gas, cigars and such have their prices controlled directly by the fed. How could they enforce a standard fee, or madatory testing? the gov also grades everything from cigarettes to beef, can you imagine the turmoil in the courts when the people involved and the acts described are so varied that one grade scale could never work.
Please notice I havent mentioned taxation. It seems like the least of the problems, but how would the fed tax it? The fed cant govern how much dough your local pizza parlour writes off on their taxes as waste, how could the fed even hope to have any clue what taxes to charge in our hobby? Greek extra? Well how would the gov know weather you did or did not go to greece?
    Sorry guys, but it will never happen. My reasons are only a drop in the bucket of why not.

besides the only way to make it legal would be for citizens to speak out and ask for it to be legal.  Just because it's difficult doesn't mean we shouldn't try.  It will take baby steps at first.  Maybe we could argue for "medicinal" prostitution as a start, you know for mental health reasons. lol

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I like your thinking. I need medicinal booty. sexual healing if you will allow.

Didn't want to work, didn't care about shit, stopped taking care of myself, then the wifey asked me if there is anything that would make me interested in living again ( she is really understanding, and we haven't been intimate for a while, we are older, it's a long story, but ) .  I told her and she wrote me a check and told me to go to Vegas.  Now I live every day looking forward to getting laid.  Best Medicine in the world.

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Well id rather get caught hobby-ing by the cops or fbi than my wife so its legal for you already. I wont call you lucky, as I dont know your circumstances, but at least you have found a way to be happy in this world.

life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and an occasional piece of ass.  Otherwise life sucks!

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