no SO so no problems there -eom-
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I had a gf several years ago that requested I do some manscaping and I have continued ever since.
I have many more providers comment that they liked my shaved head than comment on the shaved boys.  
I'm curious as to what you girls think on this, do you prefer manscaping?  I know i don't like licking alot of hair lol

A couple of weeks ago I literally had a pube stuck between my two front teeth.  Imagine how attractive that must have been!   =S

I am trying to imagine..  lets take a look..:)

Yes, a nice trim is ALWAYS appreciated! You don't have to shave it bare, just make sure the tree doesn't get lost in the forest - LOL!

I am available to professionally Manscape all my friends... 'fo FREE and Everythang, LOL.
I have a degree in pubic hair topiary arts.
Yes, it's that important to us ladies.... we can do more with bare ;-)
And there was only a small knick once.... ;-)

hmmmm so you have a degree in it eh?   Maybe i'll let you shave in "ANN" up top.

The trim job to the SO, don't you think?

those are my thoughts exactly...but if I were single..would definitely.

say you read it in cosmo in the waiting room somewhere LOL

I personally started with a big blade on the trimmer to make it all short, then every couple weeks I made it next size shorter... now it is peach fuzz on the balls/taint and short pubes on top.

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