DAMN tough. cltwilly if not too late (the others were so good but cltwilly pic did it!) -e-teeth_smile
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Ladies your turn.  Vote and vote often!!!  Would love your indepth analysis but at least a vote.  Again there are no rules for voting but you cant put a pic thread here, you would have to do that elsewhere but I aint saying anything about that.  

Guys you can vote too but yours dont count.  Remember 'whose line is it anyway'. Just like that.  As Mayor I have found that I was disqualified cause all the ladies would have just voted for me because of my grand office and political pull around Hobbywood.  

The Contestents are -

mconnection’s Italian Stallion
9676forfun’s Dirty Dancing
degeneration68’s Calgon Man
cltwilly’s Beer Special
scazdude’s Down to Earth Man
Northman67’s Italian Bear
Omgtomcruise’s Hillbilly Hideaway
Sphinxnc’s The real thing
OldTed’s Oldted's Exotic Day Spa
Sweet_N_Low’s Nude house cleaning

Good Luck Guys!  I know how you are counting on this. ROTFL

I LOVED them ALL!!!!  Absolutely hilarious.  And I love how all of you approached it differently.  There wasn't one that didn't make me laugh out loud.  What a great game.

But my vote goes to cltwilly.  love how he changes 'roses' to 'beers'!  Homer Simpson would be proud!!!  And how BFE = no small talk, cuddling, DATY or foreplay.  Bahahahahahaha!

Great job guys!  Thanks for making me laugh.

I gotta agree, that was funny stuff, very clever too!  Only thing missing was "get in my belly"!!!

These were absolutely GREAT!!

Hehehe...Dr. Phil is interviewing male escorts on his show this morning. Talk about a day late and a dollar short....some of you fellers could've learned a few things.

I don't know about the rest of the gals, but any man skilled in tantric massage AND house cleaning certainly gets my vote. And personally, I don't care how many roses it takes.....

Sweet_N_Low’s Nude house cleaning - you're my kinda man!!!

Kisses to all the contestants,

I need one of you to write my next ad .... Feeling a little less than perfect spirits today you just put a smile on my face. I'm laughing so hard after reading all your ads and just loved that post. The Carolina Board rocks and knows how to have fun.

For my vote you'll have to wait so I can read them a few more times but it's going to be tough picking a favorite since they were all great.  Loved the hairy man pic but the sexy one would make a great screen saver and food for sexy thoughts.

Kisses Haley

First, let me say THANKS to all of the stud muffins who participated.

OK I had to narrow it down so I decided since the whole thang was to spoof ad styles fouud on a certain ad site I'd go with someone who spoofed the hell out of those styles of ads.

The thang that pushed one ad to "Best In Show" for me was a combination of ad content, and a CRAZY ass photo...

So I'm casting my vote for ***CltWilly's*** ad. Between the funny ass content and that PHOTO you sealed the deal for me and yes that's my final answer-FINALLY.

My first runner up is a THREE WAY TIE (yes I said three way,lol).

Northman,OldTed, and Sweet_N_Low, ya'll all cracked me up in a big way- great spoofing ad quality, thanks for the laughs!

Omgtomcruise is 2nd runner up for me, great spoofing ability, kudos.

And don't forget ALL of you guys are BIG WEINERS, I mean BIG WINNERS in my book!

And as they say at the Oscars, every year, "It's an honor just to be nominated", and all of you stud muffins who contributed were nominated.

Roadshow is of course Mr. Congenital..uh I mean Mr. Congeniality for your cheeleading, rah rah personality... too bad you took yourself out of the final vote, and I really think the fairminded ladies here could have withstood the temptation of blantantly throwing their vote for you just because you're the ring leader, I mean Mayor.



I laughed so hard to reading his ad and then seeing that big hairy stud picture that I almost cried!!

That picture took me totally by surprise after such a hot ad!  Good Job Willy!  :)


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