Re: Happy Bday
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Awwww thank you darlin!!!!!  :) :)


On this day a few years back the world was blessed from Heaven with the arrival of a beautiful baby girl. As these few years have passed this wonderful little baby grew into the the SweeTest Little Angel On Earth. She is now known as Tonkatoy.

If you have merely met her you know that she is nice and gracious.

If you have been fortunate enough to spend time with her you know that there is none better.

If you truly get to know her you go back to the beginning and know her as "That Angel From Heaven".

Have a wonderful day SweeT, and travel safe as you make your way back home.

The very best Birthday for the very best. Wishing you the best.

Awwww thank you darlin!!!!!  :) :)


You know me very well so picture this and it will speak for itself.....I am smiling the biggest SweeT smile ever with a lil T tear of happiness and my heart just bursting with joy!!!! Thank you for all you did to make my day extra special!!!! :) :)

Enjoy the rest of your vacation!!! I will be waiting here to make your homecoming absolutely unforgettable!!! Wink Wink!!!!!!!

Many muahs!!!

I hope you had a great birthday TT!

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