ts blondie aka monica foxx
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big girl (tall as well as below), another one from my early days.

This girl is a waste... see her reviews. she uses old photos and provides terrible services....

Buyer beware...

you were warned!

Those pictures are OLD. Today picture jabba the hut with a blonde wig and real bad attitude!!!

I saw her probably 7-8 years ago and she looked ok then.  Not great but decent.

my experience was quite a few years back too.  too bad, bit of an attitude, but had potential.  the pit bulls locked up in the other room where a bit of a distraction.

I forgot all about that....good times!

haley has or had a pit mix named jack, had a bad habit of coming up behind you and either cold nosing your feet or ass depending on what position you were in, made sure the friggen door to the bedroom was closed after the first time that happened.

i know, dated, but it was a bunch of years back for me with her

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