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....i've had a gent drive just a tiny bit over 2hrs one-way to see me.

I just returned from an extended trip overseas, and it got me thinking.  How far have you, or would you travel to see a provider?  Ladies, feel free to chime in and let us know how far a gent has traveled just to see you!

Traveled around 11 hrs once to see someone who I had been wanting to see.  However I must admit I made a stop going to see another lady & also stopped off on the return trip to see another one.  Total trip took 5 of travel & spent that night w/ a lady; another day of travel; then next day spent w/ 2nd lady who was 11 hrs from my home; next day traveled to see 3rd lady, spent the night w/ her; and then spent 5th day traveling back home.  Yes it did take several more days to recover.

From Upstate SC to Tampa FL. Actually, I did it 4 times and if I have the slightest opportunity, I'll make it five! Absolutely unforgettable experiences...Sigh...

from Ohio, to your neck of the woods. Raleigh-Durham. ( over-nite session )

You must have been in Carolina :)

....i've had a gent drive just a tiny bit over 2hrs one-way to see me.

About eight years ago, drove from Maryland to Mooresville to see a lady who relocated down there - now retired.  A few years ago, drove Maryland to Greensboro to see a lady who was going on hiatus a few months later, after childbirth - but haven't seen her back.

Since both are retired/inactive, I believe TER rules prohibit naming them here.

That would depend on the provider and the dessert menu.

have had me travel from Columbia to Atlanta, and Asheville a number of times and I have enjoyed each and every trip.

Hell, In April I am going to fly to the Caribbean to see one special little lady.

211 miles ..... Jacksonville, NC to Virginia Beach, Va

As far as how far have I travelled on my own time just to see a lady, 2 hours each way.  

It's not a long road trip, because  fortunately I travel quite a bit for business and my company travel takes me to meet ladies all over.

hmmmm.....that's a good question.  Since they are few and far between down here in HHI....well good ones anyway....I have driven an hour to Beaufort and out to Okatie.  I've never made it to Sav because I haven't seen but a couple that I would want to visit advertise and I'm usually working when I'm here.  I would probably drive up to Charleston (2 1/2 hours) for the right provider, but would probably combine that with something else and make it an overnight or weekend excursion.  But just to see a provider and come back?  An hour is about it.

Drive /fly to see me .

Recently a client from Mass flew to have 2 days with me to celebrate part 2 of his birthday .
He was doing a tour of his own to spend time with his provider friends then home to celebrate
with his wife with a blazing saddles theme.

Prior to that , I've flown to Florida for weekends with a client , have had overnights locally
with those who travel , and one time in 2005 someone who I was only on a dinner date with
asked me if he can spend the night . I cannot remember all of them that is how many I had.

I love my all night get togethers . Am I such a tramp or what?


A local , showed up in a limo at 4AM so we can catch our flight to Boston to see a Redsox game.
That was my first experience to Fenway Park and Cheers on Chestnut street.

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