Hi stranger! Glad to see you back! ;-) eom
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I know I have been MIA. Just dealing with a lot of family medical issues and such. Not having much time to even check my mail or facebook.  I hope that Roadshow is keeping everyone entertained and in line. . . Well, as much as possible with this rowdy group.

Ladies, I hope that you one and all have a Fantastic St. Patirck's Day.  I could use some quality forgot the world time. Might even find some of that at the end of month. I'll be in Charlotte at the end of the month. For the "Mad Monster Party" Convention being held at the Blake.

You guys take care and keep those lovely photo's coming. They always manage to make me smile.

I heard a rumor that one of that ladies took you as a personal sex toy. Sorry it wasnt true.  lol  Was wondering where you got off to.  

I hope the family issues work out for the best bud.  You need anything you know my number. And when its all settled get you butt back here and keep me in the straight and narrow. always comes first, we all understand that! Good luck with all that is going on and just touch base when ya can....hell that is all I can do now also!

If ya have questions about anything medically....drop me a PM.....maybe I can help


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