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  What is it with Carolinas providers and the absurd, bullshit excuses used to cancel at the last minute. In the last year I have been treated to the following excuses just before a session: unexpected appearance of her period when on a previous session she told me all about her hysterectomy; sudden attack of the flu during the summer months; cat going missing though she previously told me she is allergic to pets; and today in Charlotte, drum roll, please... Wallet stolen from car at a time when our session was to have already started.

I mean, it's one thing to cancel ahead of time, but some of these excuses are just sooooo unlikely as a last minute out. And I'm out the cost of a hotel room that I now don't need. I'm tempted to post the names of the ladies involved, but any who are interested can just PM me for that info. Where are all the good providers in Carolina? And why not offer a discount if I'm willing to take a chance on you again?

Guess I'll just drink that bottle of champagne that I had on ice all by myself. Can you tell I'm pissed?

....what happened to the B.O.D. and life happens sometimes etc. People do get robbed. But I digress...

.....if he'd told me the same thing i'd have to give him the b.o.d. and would hope he wasn't lame enough to come up with an elaborate lie. I REALLY wouldn't think someone getting robbed for thousands as an excuse. No all reasons or as you call them "excuses" are equal.

Oh also I don't call my clients johns you confuse me for another class of provider sweetie.

I had a client tell me on his way to see me that while riding his bike he got into a car accident (car hit him)....I didn't run to TER or to any other forum to out him. I took it with a grain of salt sure and will admit I thought  a car accident yeah right until he texted me pictures of him with a black eye and cuts all over him in a hospital.  Life happens and that's not an excuse (it is what it is) ..... SOMETIMES some people take advantage of the fact that we all should be aware of that but you can only do so much and depending on their reputation trust them being able to make it up if they can.

but I have seen Gabby a number of times and she has always been a treat to see. I don't really see the problem. She called you when she got the chance to let you know what was up. Life happens to all of us. I'm not trying to be some white knight coming to her defense, but I do think you are over reacting here. Gabby has driven to Columbia to see me several times, and I have returned the favor by going to Charlotte to see her, and she has always been respectful of my time, as I have been of hers.

I'm sorry, I just think you should have handled this differently, and not taken out your other experiences on her.

But dont lump everyone is the same bucket.  There are some bad apples but you wouldnt want the guys all to me called asses because of the ones that cancel on the girls.  

Yes there are a few that arent dependable.  One of the boys told me just this week that he has a single lady that cancelled 8 times out of 12 dates.  Ok I think I would cut my losses also.  

But life does happen and a cancellation for personal reasons once is not a bad thing.  It does hurt when your out cash or even when its the same day. kinda leaves a sour taste.  

You ever need a solid list of Charlottes finest, you go ahead and PM me.  All ones I would bet on without hesitation.

Like Roadie says.....don't put them all together as being this way. There are awesome providers here in the Carolina's, I have only seen 2 in the Carolina's, but look at my reviews, and I would not hesitate about renewing my acquaintance with either of them as well as starting a provider/hobbiest relationship with many other ladies in the Carolina's. Not sure who you saw that did this or why, but things do come up...we have to cancel and sometimes they have to cancel. Without naming names....look at the Ladies who post on here frequently...They are some of the finest you would find anywhere in my opinion and since i am traveling and sampling outside the Carolinas right now, I stick to that!
PM Road or any of the other guys and they will tell you, as they told me, who to RUN to see for an unbelievable time!


My wallet was indeed stolen. And yes, calling and canceling my credit cards took precedence over calling YOU. Had I called you the minute I saw that my wallet was missing, it would have still been 4:40pm. But because I ran back upstairs to make sure I hadn't brought it in the house, and then calling all my credit card companies, yes, it was after 5pm when I called you. I also explained the situation very carefully and apologized. All you did was ask me why I couldn't hurry up at the bank (which ended up taking me 2 hours to deal with) and come over. I love how my rate of canceling dates is like once in maybe 6 months, and has always been for a legit reason, but yet EVERY time you guys get on here and whine. So go ahead and post my name. I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE.

If Gabby says it, it is true. We have all had disappointments. Move on.

as a provider you should behave in a business manner.  if you are held up or completely obstructed from making an appointment, you should make it right, it's a business thing.  ladies, don't start with the crying about how men stand you up.  yes i'm sure they do, but that's the cost of doing business, welcome to the business world.  but, you as a business person must stand above that and maintain YOUR creditability.  if you want to "punish" the men by not seeing them in the future or adding a small charge to the next visit, that is definitely your prerogative, but remember, at the end of the day the men are your CUSTOMERS and as my helpers say "they make it possible for you to sh.t" (put food on the table for the slang ignorant).  being a person in business can suck.  i work for various counties, when they want/need work done, they want it RIGHT then.  but when it comes time for me to get paid, well, lol, that's a different story.  yet ALL the county employees get their checks at the same time on the same day when they are suppose to.  but, they make it so i can sh.t, so i smile and remind them that i need my money and politely wait for it.

Gabby, I'm sure you were scared to death when you realized your wallet had been stolen! You absolutly did the right thing and spending hours in your bank must hsve been exhausting mentally. Then there is the missing driver's license, personal info in your wallet, ect. Having your wallet stolen is just as bad as having your place broken into and having your possessions stolen maybe worse!

I guess it would have been better to go over to see this guy when you definately weren't at your best (an understatemet) and show him a less than steller time...I'm sure he would have been just as thrilled with this scenario-NOT! It was a no win situation.

This was an unfortunate inconvenience for the guy, for you it was a hellish day.

I really hope you got everthing straightened out!



Do not feed the trolls.

I suspect, he is frustrated for a few reasons and you are the lucky one to get it..

Take care of you and everything else will take care of it's self
he sure as hell does not have your back..

Move on to better things and good Luck

I am sure that if your wallet was stolen your first call would have been to said provider?  I highly doubt it, when something like this happens first thought is, if I find them I will kill them, second thought goes to oh shit gotta make sure all my cards are cancelled or reported stolen and third gotta get a new debit card ASAP, who carries cash anymore and without the debit card you cant get cash without going to the bank.  

Being canceled on for any reason sucks, however if you had a shred decency, you would have been more understanding, rather than taking this to a public forum.  I have had the privilege to meet said provider once and I find it hard to believe she would be this. Hell I know if she had done this to me I probably would have asked if there was anything I could do to help, or offer to take her out for a drink, no strings attached, to help her calm her nerves.

As far as a discount if you called them again, they might have had you handled this situation differently, now, I would say your chances of seeing any of them are now shot.

That's just my 1/2 cents worth, have a good weekend everyone, enjoy the sights and sounds of Hobbywood

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I had one last year say that she was in a fender bender, and she doesn't even own a car. She forgot that she took the train to visit. I told her that we can reschedule when she sobered up and I blocked her #.

Then you best get out of the hobby before you go insane.

it's a fact of life in this hobby that there will be many cancellations on both sides. it's not like you can put "Date with Bremen/Gabriela" on your Outlook and everyone you know knows not to disturb you at that time. Shit, even people at my work cancel on me all the time, subordinates and clients. It's a fact of life. Dont let it get you all riled up. Look on the bright side, you saved a few hundred bucks by going home and masturbating to Brazilian Butts infomercials....not too bad

I wonder how people would feel if ladies came on here every time she had a NCNS or a last minute cancellation or how about she travels to see the gentleman and he cancels on her.  She's out time and expenses in all those cases (unless she happens to have an I/C location in her hometown that doesn't cost her extra).  There are plenty of ladies and gentlemen that are very reliable, and yes, do occasionally need to cancel and as far fetched as they may seem are in fact real.  Now, there are those that we just need to figure that the meeting wasn't meant to be.

I can vouch for having each of the above happen to me (I'm sure many of you can as well).  Let me tell you, it wasn't a fun experience and I'm very, as are many ladies and gentlemen, conscientious of others schedules and do their best not to cancel.

I'm sorry you have had some bad luck but please keep in mind that life happens to us all.


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Where intel like this is valuable and should be posted. People can white knight and make all the lame excuses they want, but it does not deter from the facts.

If you had to cancel a date should the lady post it on ter?  Or maybe the national blacklist?  That would be the same Intel for providers.  Gabby is very reliable.  I am sorry that is a fact!  I went to see her and was a good 15 mins late and she never even asked why.  Shit happens.  There is no guarentees.

The only intel that was collected was she had to cancel a date.  I am sorry not much 'value added' to the intel.  I have lost my wallet and went into real panic mode.  Wouldnt you?  

Yes this is a hobbiest board.  But dont go labeling people "White F'n Knights."  Hell you could be a female for all I know.

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She's too busy to be posting on the boards all day because she has business.

Stay away from those cheap casio watches. They keep horrible time, and you won't have to be late.

Just waiting for the jokes.  I will take note of my choice of watches.   Just that day the queen city had a little water main break,  I think it was central ave.  Really screwed up my arrival time.

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but if you want to call me a coward and take the gloves off then I will.

You are a passive white knight. You can suck up and crawl on your hands and knees to the providers, but without an envelope you wouldn't get the time of day from them.

Go ahead and shine up your shield and guzzle that estrogen for your next comment.

I didnt call you a coward , you took that label..... I just had failed to find your humor.  But now I see it,  you got a definite smile from that last comment even now I chuckle.   Your very funny.  And my world is not your world.

I will not curse BUT.  She is one of the ladies I would bet my life on.  She says it happened it happened.  She is on my list of dependable quality ladies in Charlotte.

I had one lady cancel on me 3 times in a row.  How stupid was I, but all seemed like legitimate excuses at the time.  At that time she promised me a free visit.  Guess what....we scheduled the free visit and she was a no call/no show.

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