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Miki in Cambridge now (eom)
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Ok, so you have my word on this one, Judy is one of the hottest Boston Sexy has ever had.  Tiffany was awesome, but this one OMG!!  And I heard her Geisha style services will SURPASS, most others!!  She starts tomorrow.  In the Cambridge area.   BRAND NEW!!!  SHE Will BE an ATF for sure!!  I mean I saw her pics and was like DAMN!!   So, do not miss her i think she will be in for 3 weeks only.    Who wants to be the first to write a review?? (winks)  You will want to share I know you will!!  

They also have the lovely K, in town starting today 6/1 if you like tall and slender.  Like a girl out of a magazine.......We'll she is the one for you!   I  think she is drop dead gorgeous also!  She is in the Boston area.  she is GFE and has great services.  She also, speaks English pretty well.  

Of course, the lovely Miki Izuwa is in for a little while longer maybe one week.  Sorry her schedule is so limited.  She does have another (real job) lol.  she has incredible reviews.....And is a favorite at Boston Sexy.  Everytime she comes around.  She is date- check listed and p411 listed.  

Bianca will be leaving soon.  I believe the 7th is her last day.  She is a GFE doll.  She is brand new to the business, so she started a little shy but, I think she has improved with the practice she has had.  And I have started to hear wonderul things about her.    

A little side note.  Not all girls in this business provide the same services.  How do I say this lightly some are considered GFE and some GFE plus, like border line PSE without the GREEK of course.  So, just ask Amber if there are some things that you like.  And see if that girl provides "what you are into" before comparing girls to girls and lowering scores on her reviews.  Everyone has a certain comfort level they are into.    Just like some guys like certain things while some others, DO NOT!!!   They strvie to make everyone happy who walks into their doors.  Now I do understand that some girls looks are not for everyone.  that is why they try to keep the pics and slight blurr and never use fake ones.    So, just thought I needed to say that!   I think of you read close at the Eros ads you can kind of tell who will do certain things by wording if not, Again just ask.  It never hurts!!  

please note,  Amber handles all their calls and screening.  Please do not Pm me for them.  I am just the Asian friend that is good at posting and reads and writes English well.  (winks)

Also, if you are a new friend, they would prefer you go the website and fill out the form  Please include a way to be verified.  Just a TER handle is not enough.  References or verifable work info is needed.   If you are a regular friend TEXTING Or CALLING is PREFERRED method of schedling not EMAILING!!!  thanks so much!!!  617-417-6277


I just help with posting.  Amber is their phone girl.  Not me. When they ask me to post I do.  sorry for confusion.  Thanks have a wonderful weekend.  That's why I said do not contact me or pm me for them.  Thank you thank you!

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