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Welcome back!
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Even oooollllddd friends?

Hello Boston!

I will be available Tuesdays-Thursdays through the warmer months.

For this week:

Newton Incall:
Tuesday 3pm-10pm
Wednesday 11am-9pm
Thursday 11am-9pm

Also, Miss Tara Kennedy and I will be offering our talents together beginning in June. Thankfully to my dear Codpeace, we were able to take some pretty amazing shots today which I will be able to share with you as the week progresses! There are a couple fresh shots available on the site, but check back as there will be more!

Please check back to for new images of Brooke and Tara!

Contact info:
Phone: 617-297-8477
(no text messages please)
Monday-Friday 10am-10pm

You are so on my must see list :)

I had the pleasure of seeing Brooke. It is so nice to see you back.

Thank you so much!

Trust me, it is soooo nice to be back!
I am so excited to see dear friends and meet new!

Enjoy your day!

Posted By: MassMan
I had the pleasure of seeing Brooke. It is so nice to see you back.

Even oooollllddd friends?

at the party, you were smokin' hot in that gown at sunset! What a view! ;-)


LMAO. Are you sure? All you need are Brooke & Tara, a high end Canon, and great lens (I mean a Canon camera and glass).

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