Wishing I was in Mexico.....eom...
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To the region of Mexico I would like to visit.

I am so happy I got a few emails from a few gentlemen. I obviously need to clarify some things about Allure`.

I will be on vacation in Mexico sometime in May.

I am coming to Mexico for a vacation. I will be in your wonderful country for about 4-5 days. I really am into hiking, zip cording, enjoying cultural fine dining, and relaxing with a special gent afterwards.

I am looking at the hotel I will be staying in while I am there.....woooooooowwwww

Very nice.....I really cannot wait to learn about the culture, esp the food. I love to eat, love to cook/entertain, and hiking is a great way to work off the calories.

I was in the Military for a while and have already seen most of Europe, it is a beautiful place. I would love to go back and see it again, just not right now.

It is my choice to go south of the boarder to see a country whose food I love, interior decor is rich in texture and color, and I really want to just relax.

I have an entire continent to explore ie the rest of North America, and all of South America to explore.

Kadjevic3728 reads

Mexico is a rather large place.  You could probably fit the entire European Union inside of it.  I find Mexico to be an odd choice for vacation compared to other countries in the world that have outdoor activities, but to each their own.  I personally am fond of places like Greece and Slovenia myself.

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