Here are NINE very acceptable reasons for the use of an alias.
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Here are NINE very acceptable reasons for the use of an alias.

  1. Use of topical humor when the alias enhances the humor

  3. The creation of a character(literary license) to be used in an informative, fun, innocuously sarcastic, philanthropic, as well as topical way.

  5. Anonymity for when regional or associational sensitivities may be of concern, particularly when there are members out there who will harass you on the boards when you disagree strongly with them.

  7. Innocuous playing of "devils advocate" in a discussion or debate where one wishes to not be further/future aligned with one faction or the other.  If you look at the GD Board, there are providers who have flat out stated that they won't see someone based on some of their posts.  Why would any guy take the chance.

  9. Avoidance of suffering political fallout for a comment that may have been wrongly construed in a possibly volatile discussion.  Some of these regular posters are hyper-sensitive, and also don't read the whole post before going ballistic.

  11. Posting investigative reports, meet & greet announcements, helpful advice, or other similar types of useful information where the use of a user-name could prove problematic or open the poster up to incessant PM's and questions.

  13. Concerns in revealing your review history.  This is a big one when you are posting about a particular provider that you are not going to name. In those situations, you open ALL of your reviewed providers to the public guessing who you are talking about.  It's not fair to the others.

  15. Ability to contribute where you would otherwise feel embarrassed to speak candidly.  Some are just too shy, but will post under an alias.

  17. To avoid a google search turning up your review history.  Some of these guys only post in alias for this reason.

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While it is anticipated that vigorous debate of ideas and opinions may occur within this forum, it is expected that civility in discourse will be maintained.  Discussion Board Moderators and TER Staff will exercise their discretion in managing the flow of discussion and applying these guidelines.

Criticizing ideas and opinions is a normal process of debate and each person should expect to have ideas challenged. That being said, personal attacks such as denigration of another person's character or value have no place in such discussions.


 If a recent thread exists about the topic at hand, post to that thread, rather than starting a new one.  


 Bartering-related posts are not allowed. Advertising of personal side businesses or advertisements for other businesses is strictly prohibited.

 Detailed reviews are not allowed.  It is okay to link to a review and comment.

 Discussion of delisted providers/agencies is not allowed (except for rip offs, ROBs, etc).

 Linking to a site which meets any of the following criteria in a post is prohibited:      

  • Contains Escort Reviews (EX: Redbook, BigDoggie)

  • Has Pop-Ups (EX: Porn cam sites)

  • Requires login (registration) for viewing the contents of the site (EX: MySpace)

  • Is absolutely irrelevant to the subject

  • belongs to a private business which offers specialty services.


 Posting mean or rude comments in response to a provider's AD is prohibited.

 Posting links to a different provider's reviews or web site in a provider's ad thread is also prohibited.

 Posts which do not conform to the Post Content Guidelines will be removed.  Continuous or habitual posting of non-conforming posts may cause the poster to lose posting privileges for some period of time.  Further ignoring of the rules may cause the poster to be banned from TER.


 Posting personal information of members or provider, including content copied from their emails and Private Messages, is grounds for BANISHMENT.


 A Shill Thread is a thread that is started with a post that is praise, thanks, or a recommendation for a certain provider for reasons of self-interest, personal benefit, or out of friendship or loyalty. Starting a new thread with a Shill Post is not allowed by TER because such threads are considered extra "advertising" above and beyond what each provider is allowed each week.

 Shill Threads are not allowed, and will be removed.

 Mini-Reviews posted according to the Posting Guidelines are not considered to be Shill Posts.

 Responses to a current thread that refers to a provider with positive comments about that provider is okay, as long as the comment is pertinent to the topic at hand.


 You may not post MINI-REVIEWS on message boards unless you submit a Full Review of the same session within 72 hours after posting the mini-review. Violators of this policy will lose their message posting privileges.

 Please see the following post for guidelines on how to submit mini-reviews: Mini-Review Guidelines


 Ads and In Search Of posts are not allowed on the General Discussion board.  Any provider post that contains a picture of the provider that is not a direct response to the topic of the thread will be considered an ad.

 In Search Of posts should be posted on the ISO board, Porn Stars board, or the Transsexual board.  

 Ads may only be posted on the appropriate regional boards, the Porn Stars board, or the Transsexual board.

 For detailed guidelines on ad posting, please read the guidelines posted here: Ad Posting Guidelines


 One username/alias/handle per person per thread. If this policy is violated you will lose posting privileges for 30 days.

 Posting rude and mean comments while hiding under an ALIAS will be reported to the site Admin for evaluation. If sufficient cause is found the post will be modified by Admin to EXPOSE your USERNAME.  Flipping an alias is an action of last resort and will only be done if Admin determines that other corrective actions are insufficient due to the nature of the comments in the post.

 For acceptable use of an alias, please see our acceptable alias use thread: Acceptable Alias Uses


   Before posting questions, read the FAQ page for previously posted answers. FAQ Page

If you have a question or complaint regarding TER policies, membership, moderators or customer service click on the "Contact Us" button on top of the page and submit your question to TER.

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