TS Catalina = TS Dianna
PaulAZTuc 13 Reviews 4364 reads

I was hot to see TS Catalina looking at her pics.  Nothing comes up on TER using her phone number or Catalina.  But, when I searched using her email then TS Dianna comes up.  Her last two reviews were terrible.  Thanks to TER I am saving the money.  Too bad, she looks really hot in her pics.  

same email for both ads:

Google "ts dianna" to see her other ad

LATSDog2141 reads

Yep, good provider gone bad.  She is churn and burn, absorbed more attitude from TS Jessica/Princess/Monica Doval and is one you need to stear clear of because all she wants is your hard earned money.

LATSDog2238 reads

Back in town for a few days, yea right. And those pics are taken from the back side of her apt in East Hollywood.  She is there with Princess, two major scammers.

berog1639 reads

I just figured someone stole her pic.

Jeezuz...I've lost track on how many names she uses. Here's a few.
Daniela, Anabela, Lana, Paola, Lola, Linda, Monique, Monica, Bella, Diana, Dala, Jennny, Tila, Catalina, Yuca.

I'd be surprised if she can keep it straight.

LATSDog4227 reads

Topanga also, don't forget that name.

I drove to Hollywood a couple years back to see her around 11am when she was working out of a motel.  When I got there it took many attemps to get her to answer the phone only to be told that she had checked out.  This is within 30 min of making the appointment.

LATSDog1901 reads

How did you figure that out? Did the front desk tell ya that the tranny in room 201 named Paola, Catalina, Diana checked out thirty min ago?

She finally answered her cell phone after about 5+ calls. I even offered to pay for a room since I was already there.  She wasn't interested.  Needless to say I was a bit upset after driving 30 min into Hollywood.  Based on the comments here I guess it's better it worked out that way.

no man is an island
not even a trannie bitch
We know you have to scratch it
we all have had that itch
butt a gal named after an island
is just to big for me
an island just wants to lay there
don't need no company
an islands got stuff grow'en
all over where it shouldn't be
best to soak your hard cock in the ocean
then to look for a girl with the notion
that business is treat'en the fellas real bad
who then write up reviews that make you feel sad
so when you feel like fuck'em or getting fucked
don't lie on Catalina
that island ain't got no luck

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