TS Veronica Loren
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Hello board,

I have searched around for info on this cutie but to no avail.  She is in Fayetteville, NC for a short time but I have seen her post in Jacksonville, FL before.  Any one know anything about her of if she is legit?

Thank you.

TS Veronica Loren
904 472-3550ℑ=1

rachel says two thumbs up, well thats good enough for me,

she is a dear friend/duo partner and is truly GFE...treat her right and I know she will do the same for you...dfk, Rachel

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Thank you for the info.  I do appreciate it.  I did spend some time researching her more than once and the ONLY thing I have found about her was a post made by TS Rachel but it was not the one linked in this thread.

I looked on many different review boards, TER and this forum with no luck.  I will say that I had not searched TER to see if she had any new reviews in the last couple of days before I posted this information request.

She posted on EROS that she was going to be in Fayetteville on Sept 18th and 19th which did not jive with my schedule. When I looked at her ad again today it had been changed to the 20th and 21st.  I was super excited because I was finally going to be in town the same time she was.

So yes I did search and always try to before I ask a question.  Thank you all very much for the info.

Dog.....I do owe you some info on the girl you provided me info for last time.  I was sent on deployment afterwards and did not get a chance to email you the info.  To say the least she was hot, sexy and very sweet.

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Yep I am a retard.....sorry I did get you two mixed up.  Maybe it was because you were both equally helpful and quick to respond.

So CAT, I will soon be sending you the info on Vivian.  

On a side note, I called Veronica today but alas it looks like she went to Charlotte, so my loss.  She never actually answered her phone, but the EROS info changed so I assume she may have been traveling too.  I wish she had a website with a posted schedule.  Its hard to arrange a visit on a short notice.

Again thank you all.

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