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Well, I may be ugly but I still can swallow ( sort of) EOM
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I apologize for lying to all the TER members here. I don't look anything like my photos. I really look like this, but, with makeup and the lights turned out, you won't be able to tell the 'real me' from my photos.

LOL, very funny. Thanks for the laugh! Now I talked about nude photos I better show one. This one is from Met-Art.com and is of Toxic A., by Arkisi. Enjoy you perverts.

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I look like this and we have a date next week!

...with the goo dribbling down your chin like that.

PS: I never heard it called spooey before.
nut juice
baby batter
man mustard
man gravy
but not spooey.
PS: mine ain't blue

I wasn't trying to be definitive (and spunk is a good one), but here's a link to a list.  Amazingly, the Urban Dictionary had jack shit.

Said he had save up for 10 days just for me.  "Thank you" was not my response, but it was pretty funny.

And I bet that load probably filled you up so well you didn't need to eat lunch LOL :)

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