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Re: How about those stupid maps on cityvibe?
Amberluv1 See my TER Reviews 161 reads

The dumbest shit I've ever witnessed smh

Surprises me that some ladies post the name of their town in their ad.   I would think this might make them an easy target for L.E., esp. in smaller towns/suburbs.

New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Sanfrancisco, Washington DC, Atlanta, Dallas,  Vegas narrows it down for the LE. Let's see

New York 5 Burroughs, Los Angeles multiple counties, DC 7 to 8 counties and number of cities, Atlanta 14 counties which particular LE are they tipping off?

Don't know the size or the population of our city but you look up the population of the cities listed above though.

As a newbie, my Lady friend requested that I not give her exact town in any review...  that it would give LE information they did not already have.  It made sense to me & I have ALWAYS given a location nearby but never the exact location.  What protects her, protects me.

Cityvibe ads have maps of the advertisers'  incall locations. Those maps have been on there for awhile. I have never seen how that is a good thing! I assume you can opt out, but I can't believe how many ladies have those maps on there!

The topic came up on one of the regional boards before and I remember one provider saying "I put in the wrong address anyway." how is that a good thing? Is drawing attention to some random stranger better than drawing attention to yourself? How about no maps!

Next time you make an appointment, you tell the lady, don't ask where she is and simply use the City Vibe map!

brstlvr111 reads

LE has access to the same web sites and boards everyone else does.  They know who's in town and likely have every local provider's driver's license and any other identifying information already on file.  If they really wanted to find a provider (and probably a hobbyist), they could.  But what are they going to do?  Go raid a provider's in-call location just because she advertises?  Or because of some reviews on a web site that may or may not be accurate?  That's just a waste of time and money without hard proof that a criminal activity is taking place.  Without that hard proof, the DA's not even going to bother pressing charges, because it would be extremely difficult to win at trial, where, even if they do manage to convince a jury, the sentence is typically a slap on the wrist misdemeanor, small fine and probation.
Unless a provider or hobbyist is somehow linked to criminal activity such as drug or human trafficking, LE isn't going to spend their time and money tracking down and staking out providers.  That does not mean that it isn't prudent to be careful and wise.

I worry more about stalkers and weirdos than LE.

As you said, LE already has more info than anyone may realize, but that is still no reason to make it easier for them, and there is definitely no reason at all, to make it easy for the nutjobs!

That much info is actually against TER rules, but sometimes things slip by the 'review reviewers.' but if you catch it and tell them, they will fix it.

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