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No One Mentioned the "Special" Tab on the Main Menu
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Oops - did I say that out loud ?

I am thinking of getting the 1 year VIP subscription due to much lower costs. I don't need to read reviews during long breaks like summer or winter since I don't get the chance to see provides then, but still with those months adjusted, year access seems much cheaper as a whole for one year.

Any of you have any recommendation on how I can get the most out of the VIP access besides its functionality for reviews and PM? I am wondering if there is some kind of creative or hidden functionality that I am not aware of that can help me feel like I am not wasting money during summer and winter when I don't really get to do hobbying. Besides, I might enjoy some humor over the summer.

Sorry for the long sentences. Thanks for the reply in advance.

...not all up in their business looking at their computer screen.

I think you can get your VIP priveleges revoked for revealing that!!

totally, . less times to type in info, stay updated and in the know in down time and work on your favorites list, or learn new things to add to list of things you want to have a provider offer, i dont know i d say stay in the loop your money will be on the line why not stay updated and start doing the research head a time theres so many you can use rhe extra semesters of reading reviews and start your decision making ahead time, dont wait til last min, get it now, i mean I am not a guy, but if i was considering spending money for enteratinment like this like hmm well sumthin with that muc h detail invoved i mean taking clothes off and letting a woman take controo over you and try an d show you what she can do to you, . you want to start your research why not get the vip, . you can v=even read reviews now and start getn ideas for more stuff you d like to try durin a sesssion or whatever you are a young un right? xo------  like hmm i d love to bang a broD WITH A BUTT PLUG, YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU RANDOMLY WANT TO START LOOKIN  INTO,  I  AM GOIN TO SMASH THIS EVER LOvin key board and the caps lock button too!

You don't need VIP access for a good laugh or two.

I'm only "active" during the summer time due to my business where VIP access matters and I don't have to pay for it because I'm "Active".

Basically Late May through August is the only time where I can pretty much know that if I book time that I can keep the appointment.

So if you are actually here to book some ladies and write a review or three... Not sure why you would need to buy a One Year VIP membership

Just me and my thoughts.

Date-check has a lifetime membership option at a reasonable price and I wish TER would also offer it. I don't want to keep charging my CC and minimize the paper trail...

At least you get extensions on vip membership when you write reviews!

and you support the site that allows you to drive people nuts on it. That's why I do it ha ha.

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