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Taco Bell not high end...clearly you don't recallteeth_smile
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"Demolition Man"

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... so here I am in the middle of a hot session when uncontrollably in the heat of the moment I let one rip.... not once but twice. Thankfully none too loud or too stinky but no way to miss it or confuse it for something else.

Kudos to her for being the great professional she is, she kept going as if nothing had happend and did not let the flow being broken by me breaking wind.... Had a great time and was for me a very satisfying session but still feeling really embarassed by it...

Anyone with similar experiences?

Happens to the best of us and all we can do is hope for them to not be SBD's.   Unless you have a Dutch Oven fetish.  =S  :)

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Last time I went to Taco Bell I got a major case of food poisoning and ended up spending more time kneeling in front of the white porcelain god than I ever done on any early morning after a college party.
That was several years ago and still can't get within 100 ft of a Taco Bell without feeling queasy.

While alone, a toot away all the time; but when with a gal for a long time, as on an overnight, my sphincter seems to sense that it should STFU until I get into the toilet and shut the door.

Then, it lets go hours of stored up stress.

The only problem then is if she wants to get into the head right after me; but it's better than stinking up the bed, n'est-ce pas?

On the other hand, I've been with gals who are pretty gassy, especially after we've come back from dining out.  To tell you the truth, it doesn't bother me at all.  We are human, after all.

But yes, ever the professional, just ignored it and kept it moving.  
Did you ever decide to write a spectacular review for this lovely lady? (me)
Sounds like she (I) deserved it.

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Will do, although if you are whom I think, my modest review can add very little to your already impressive record. Nonetheless, I may omit this detail, least you make yourself a name as the lady of choice for the flatulence prone....

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I have had that happen with a couple of clients and one was so loud I had to congratulate him and we fell over giggling like kids. I guess it's similar to a lady getting too much air in her pussy and letting quiff go, stuff happens and we laugh and move on...

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Laughing at a poor girls embarrassment..lol.

I try and avoid positions that are apt to add air.

.. if women couldn't bitch, they'd explode

they belch, fart and snore, too.  They just hide it better.  I'll never forget the time I caught my SO in the bathroom in her "farting position" on the floor.  And her daughter farts like crazy, but my SO claims her daughter's farts are "sweet."  Yeah, right!  They'll singe your nostril hair.

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