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bahahaha. After preppie's post I decided to buy a privacy screen (eom)
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So I am in Starbucks looking at the boards when I notice someone looking at my I Pad.
I figured no big deal. Who can tell what I'm doing? Well this creepy old dude knew. I could tell.
I could hear him wheezing behind me. I turn around, to see a 60 something staring at me.
His beady little eyes behind thick ass glasses glared at me. Yikes. Careful where you surf people.

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Ter works pretty well with smartphones, even the non- mobile version. So most people, especially grumpy old men, can't see or read it, unless you zoom up pictures of nekkid women.

I dont know about Starbucks but I have issues when I am at Panera Bread, Bob Evans and McDonalds - there is some kind of block about the site not being suitable for public viewing or something like that.

I can get on Backpage without any problems but I can't get on here and a couple other review sites.

Shhh...don't tell anyone but it's


Works every time :D

I have never had a problem getting on an adult site at McDonald's. (in Hawaii and Oregon)

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