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Penile Implant... Would provider want to know in advance?
bionic_guy 1488 reads

I have very recently had a penile implant due to severe ED (nothing worked, not even pumps or injections, erectile tissue mostly destroyed by scar tissue).  http://www.straighttalk.net/wp-content/uploads/titan_otr_brochure.pdf

Some single guys with implants do not tell their partners at all about their implants, and most of the time they can get away without their partner knowing.  It looks, feels and performs close enough to normal that they can finesse away the non-natural aspects.  However, I'd intend to tell a provider rather than try finesse.  With more than a casual feel, the pump, which is like a hidden third testicle, would be apparent.  Also, while its nice to be discreet about pumping up the cylinders, it seems unnecessary and possibly unsuccessful in any case, to try to disguise that completely.

But, I'm thinking the best time is once I have met her, and I'm thinking that if she's fully informed about what it is and how it operates, it really shouldn't matter to her.  My concern about informing her before we meet is a) how to tell her without violating any taboos about discussing or implying specific activities, and b) the possibility that she might not understand what its about and be scared off without a somewhat more careful explanation.

Of course, I have some concerns about how to discuss it in person too, without violating any taboos about specific or explicit discussion, though I think I know how to handle that.  Plus, I'm currently scheduled for a 4 hour dinner date with someone who appears experienced, intelligent, and  well reviewed, and I think the discussion will be easier when we've had a chance to get to know each other a little.


Circling-Buzzard233 reads

It's a tough question for a guy to answer, but I would appreciate it if a provider would tell me up front is her pussy was man made.

I have a very good friend who has an implant and I can tell.   It feels weird to me  -  its like a stick with loose skin covering it.

I dont have any experience with other types of implants and dont know if they are all like this or if he got the "economy" rather than the "luxury" implant.    

It doesn't matter so much to me that he has am implant and it wouldn't have made any difference to me when we first met if he had told me beforehand that he had one.

So IMHO I dont really see how this would matter if the lady knows beforehand or not.  Just be sure to do your homework and find a lady who is patient and understanding with all of her clients.

bionic_guy242 reads

There are two manufacturers of implants, and I don't think either one is considered "economy".  And, certainly the prices do not reflect that. ;-) Both manufacturers produce so called one piece, two piece and three piece models.  The three piece models are by far preferred and the most natural.  The other models are normally reserved for men with special physical issues that preclude the three piece ones.

The two manufacturers do compete to a degree on features, but "feels less like a stick" isn't one of them.  I read what I'd guess is more that 100 accounts of men with implants before deciding to have the surgery.  For those where the surgery was successful and where the implant performs as intended, they can normally get to a degree of hardness and rigidity that exceeds anything they ever had.  Certainly that's true for me.  But that is completely controllable by the degree of pumping.  Most female partners, and the men too, normally prefer something less than the maximum hardness.  While it varies, maybe 80% for intercourse and even less for BJ.  Some also report that they prefer different hardness for different positions.  For me, maximum hardness also results in less sensitivity, and I'm still early enough post surgery that that is still a little uncomfortable.

I wonder if your friend would feel less like a stick to you if he pumped it less, assuming he has a three piece unit?

saturnsky179 reads

And if it makes you less sensitive, that could translate into quite the painful experience for the lady . Yeah, I'd appreciate being told about it...discretely of course. And I would recommned the not so hard if it were me. I'd prefer you had more sensitivity and a tad less rigidity...sounds like Viagra Dick...and that can be torture on a lady.

bionic_guy149 reads

I certainly had no plans to pump to max hardness, since I wouldn't enjoy it much. ;-)  One advantage to telling the provider at some point (or any partner) is precisely that the hardness can be adjusted to optimize the experience for both people.

I wouldn't worry about discussing it before you see her. It sounds like you are going to be forthright about it when you are face to face. I'm sure she has dealt with weirder stuff before! A 4-hour dinner date is plenty of time to discuss all sorts of stuff, especially since this falls into the "my recent medical adventures" pile instead of the "weird fetishes I'd like you to consider" pile. I hope you both have a lovely time!

I'm sure most ladies would want to know ahead of time, but on the other hand, discussing sex in initial communication is a no-no.
You might want to check out the over 60 board. I believe there are discussions there about this issue.

In my experience, the rule about not discussing sex before a date is more about being respectful. I think it's more to do with the fact that providers don't want to be treated like free phone sex operators.

For something like this, I think that there are a lot of providers who would be happy to assure you in advance that they'll help you test-drive the new equipment. I'd read the board posts of some ladies, particularly but not necessarily on the over-60s board and get a sense for who might be understanding and open, then drop a couple of ladies a polite PM.

One thing that you might consider is registering with P411 and putting it in your profile. Only providers that you share the link with will be able to see it.

but I do have a medical condition which affects my abilities.  Early on, I told providers once we were alone.  I'd say the majority had no response, a few I clickled with said "it would not be a problem".  It hasn't been & I've continued seeing some of them.  I think the time I spent explaining initially would have been better spent in bed.
IF you have to adjust it before play (not knowing how this works... nor will she) then you might need to explain the need but otherwise only give the essencial information.

If you try to explain in advance, odds are you'll never see her.

saturnsky117 reads

You have relied on the fact that you're there and have had luck with that.

In all seriousness, depending upon what the issue/condition/anomaly is, better to be honest.

I, for one, would not take too kindly to someone showing up with something that should have been mentioned and expecting me to deal.

In the OP's case, not so much of a problem but there are other things that would be a deal breaker for me, just there are deal breakers for you guys.

And if she won't see you by being up front, you might drive all the way there and be turned down if you spring it on her.

bionic_guy110 reads

Told her early in our session, before dinner, and she was ok with it and had had a prior experience with one.  Even without that prior experience, I'm guessing she would have been ok with it.  The only surprise to me was that when given the choice a couple of different times, she always requested less rigidity than I would have imagined.  Was fine with me, since its equally sensitive for me just about every way, except the extreme hardness which is less sensitive for me, and we never got close to that.

faxinator140 reads

Due to type-2 diabetes I had profound ED. At first one 100 mg Viagra worked. Then it didn't. So my doc upped me to two of them at once. Eventually I maxed out at taking eight 100 mg Viagra at a time, and then I suffered from blue vision and serious flu-like symptoms and then even eight pills stopped working for me.

We tried Cialis and Levitra, and they didn't work either. Neither did the prescription vacuum pump.

My urologist, who is one of the finest surgeons and has done more implants locally than any other doctor in my area, told me: "Injections are next, but I'm not going to put you through that". So we planned an implant surgery, but I was told to lost 25 pounds first to make the procedure safer.

During that time as I worked on my weight loss, I read all the material the doctor gave me and got worried. There are serious potential problems with inflatable implants (my doctor will not use the rigid implants). First, they wear out, so eventually (usually every 5-6 years, depending on use) they have to be repaired or replaced. Second, they usually come with a loss in length. My doctor warned me that he guaranteed a loss of at least 3/4 of a inch and as much as an inch and a quarter in the very worst case scenario. Third, the rate of post-surgical infection is very, very high. Fourth, he recommended removing one of my testicles to make more room in my scrotum for the pump. Finally, there's no going back: once they hollow out your penis and put inflation tubes in there, you can never regain what you had before.

My doctor used on the highest-rated inflatable implants (Titan) but still, I was concerned.

After I told my brother about my worries, he put me in touch with another doctor. Long story short, the new doc created a custom tri-mix injection for me, and I've been using it for years now. It works great, it produces an erection that is nearly identical to a natural erection, and after experimenting with the dosage level I am able to inject just the right amount to produce an erection that last for 3 hours -- so plenty of time for lots of fun.

I'm glad your implant worked out well for you. Someday I may need that, but as for now these injections are like a miracle for me.

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