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You got it. (eom)
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I once had a provider who came and sat down next to me after I told her I was going to Vienna. And she asked, "where is that", I told her, "Austria", and she said "oh, all I know is about sausages" while showing the shape of a sausage with her fingers. I immediately sensed a feeling, almost as if she implied that she is dumb and only knows how to treat cocks well, luckily she then mentioned Vienna sausages, "the kind you eat", and I was relieved.

Good session afterwards

Was with a great provider in NY who had perviously vowed that after our session she'd be my ATF.  Well, it was a truly memorable session, especially when, in the midst of a stellar BBBJ, she looked up at me and said, "I wanna be your ATM."
I started laughing convulsively and explained what she'd just said, adding, "feel free to shoot cash at me any time."  She giggled, and got back to business.

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Because she only takes deposits!  LOL.  

I hobby in latin America and I call myself the Gringo Cash Machine or ATM.  I thought it was a funny story.

I couldn't have sprayed it on any better than it ended up accidentally.  I had put it on his cock and gotten most of it off before I flipped over, but what was left dripped down under his balls and ended up across my upper lip.  Classic for sure.  LOL

and landed right on top of my new suede Mephisto shoes.

There's still a stain on them to this day, and that was years ago.

I call them my lucky hobbying shoes, and usually wear them when I go on a date.

Late '80s, East Side Manhattan cathouse, she was finishing me with a Bj/HJ and pointed me in the wrong direction and I shot myself in the eye.  Believe me, Mephistos is better.

Don't spluge on my new suede shoes!!!!!! Ah Huh..

Back in 2001 I had an appt on one of those non-descript holidays.  As I unloaded upon her sumptuous bosoms, she looked up at me, smiled, and said "Happy Columbus Day!".  

That's the best damn Columbus Day celebration that I've ever had!!!

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