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Absolutely not!
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You'd be wasting your time. Not hearing back means she's not interested, hasn't had the time to get back to you, or simply has bad business practices.

If you made an appointment with a provider, exchanged a few e-mails and gave references but then never heard back, then emailed a couple times after to try and confirm but again never heard back (not even to provide a contact #) would you still go to the incall location at the appointed time and wait for either a call or email?

The situation you describe is rather unusual since a gal generally does not give out her location until minutes before the meeting, at least if she is at a hotel.

If she is at an apartment that you've been to before, I might show up if the last communication was within 24 hours.  Lots of gals go that long without check email at times, and she might just assume things are fine on your end.

Don't you have a phone number for her?

If over 24 hours, then I would assume she has lost interest for whatever reason.

I agree and figured as much. I just didn't want to be rude and be that guy who bails on appointments.

About 24 hours have gone by since I last heard from her. She gave me the hotel and confirmed time before checking refs, she does publish her number but I haven't been able to reach her by email or cell.

I would email her and leave a message saying you need to hear from her before you just show up.

I consider that more than just an expression of interest.  While it's troubling that he can't communicate with her, if they agreed on a time and a place, why don't they have a definite date?

I do now agree if she gave him the exact hotel and a time, they have a date...he did not say that in the first post though. Just asked if he never heard back even with a phone number if he had a date, which is a no.  If he can't reach her, I would not run all the way out there for fear that she may not pick up to even give him the room number.

I never give my hotel until a few hours before the actual date, and I do it on the phone not via email...things like this don't happen when it is done that way. It's on him if he wants to risk a ncns from her, but I would leave 2 messages showing he did in fact try to contact her and then it is on her if she flakes. Anything can happen in 24 hours so I have no idea why one would give the hotel so far in advance. Makes no sense to me, but that's why I am not her pimp lol.

She could have been busted, held up, had a family emergency...etc.

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Is it possible that you were emailing an assistant?  Maybe things got screwed up when it came time for your provider to take over. Does she have your number? That happened to me a long time ago. The assistant even gave me the wrong in call location. The provider texted me while I was on my way to the wrong place, set me straight, and apologized. Saying the assistant was new.
Turns out the assistant thought I changed my mind. I have no idea why. I didn't receive an email.
The provider texted me then. One of my first times almost ruined by an assistant. I definitely would have been labeled a time waster too.

You'd be wasting your time. Not hearing back means she's not interested, hasn't had the time to get back to you, or simply has bad business practices.

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If she doesn't confirm the appointment, then you're dealing with someone who doesn't know what the hell they're doing.

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