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Who said its a client?
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I'm not a lawyer but her ad doesn't  state its a client, could be her bf.
Her ad doesn't say she performs that service.
Its a tease to get business that is all, if she wants to post the video I say go for it!

I am seeing more and more ladies putting on overt videos of them performing blowjobs on clients as advertizement on the AD boards. What gives? Are they that desperate for business, or just plain stupid?

Then there are those who would shut down the a client at the slightest mention of anything sexual...

See the tube8 videos on these ads for Macy and Tamsen.


ATLDAWG307 reads

I can't figure why it is a problem!!

..it opens them to a slew of potential problems...Legal Problems...Stalker Problems...You name it.

Lot of smart ladies don't even care to show their faces...

If they are not worried about the possible problems, who are we to say anything lol. I do think it's a bit retarded to blur your face if you are going to do all out porn where it is showing though. I blur my face and have no tats to hide, so no way in hell I would ever do a video that showed who I was to the entire world. "Mommy, is that you?" No thanks!

It's story time, and Grandma is asking the kids which story they'd like to hear again.  One pipes up, "Hey Grandma, tell us about the time you were a whore in Chicago!"

Dear Ms. Rayne:
If you were a judge would it be an understatement to say that she gave up any expectation of privacy, thus making the case nearly a slam dunk for the prosecution. Thus not only would you not market yourself in that manner, you would not do that for the blatant reason that it would be an open and shut case. Henceforth if you were a hobbyist, you would certainly be on the lookout for LE where she would work.  I guess you will have your ear to the ground and your eyes open in the upcoming weeks.

could be her damm bf and she is using it to promote good dental hygiene bwahahaha. Bottom line, she is of legal age and can do what the hell she wants. If she faces the situation you present, she will be the one who has to explain her way out of it.

She is not fking kids or animals, so she is ok in my book. How is what she does in that video any different from what the average porn star sells on a website? If she were to put up a disclaimer that she is a video sales provider, that would solve that problem now wouldn't it? Seems like a good way to pretend she is only selling videos for a hundred bucks, or whatever the rate is for her bj.

She's already got a freakin' web site, dozens of reviews and a board presense.  Whether or not there's a video, she's already got a huge amount of exposure.  The video itself doesn't really add to it.  How dumb can one guy be?  You keep plumbing the depths.

What is the difference between a companion posting a video rather than say a porn star who has videos on sale and promotes herself as a companion on hobby boards?
I wouldn't do it personally but saying that there are loads of porn stars who provide so what is the difference other than the gift amount and the fame element?

when I read the OP. You typed up my reply for me:)
What tis the difference between an escort who has a porn video or a porn star who openly escorts?Now the one who blurs her face in her ads, and has a video where she shows everything, That seems kind of retarded:)

I think her pix also show her face, some girls do.  Stalkers will stalk no matter what.  Besides, virtually every provider on TER does BBBJs, so no issue there.  Some may be concerned about STDs because the video is also NQNSCIM.  To me, that's a bigger issue for some.

....I've been drunk driving for years now, and have never got in trouble...

This is one of those things I can't pass judgement on because she is an adult, and making an adult video. She is not putting anyone but maybe herself in danger and I use the word "danger" loosely, because if she is not working out of her own home and broadcasting that, I doubt stalking would be an issue. Stalkers don't need a video to harrass you...just an email lol.

Is this the same girl where a client "supposedly" killed himself whilst in her company? I thought there was a big stink about some dude jumping out of the window..now, that's some crazy sh*t lol. A bj video has nothing on that!

My point is, if she's got unblurred pix on her site and advertises she's providing BBBJ, the video tells you nothing you didn't already know except you get to see her technique -- which is pretty damn good.

I made that video about a month ago, not years ago. Yes, I do blur pics on my website. To be honest, I highly doubt I would ever be recognized in person, in public, not because I'm just that lucky, but because of how I present myself in different situations.

I don't care to appeal to guys who are looking for CBJ only. Of course I am capable of offering that service, but it has only ever been requested of me once in 8 years of providing. And as London said, it may be my boyfriend. In fact, it is.

RogersNeighbor162 reads

I've seen herr pictures before, and her reviews. Something about thatt video makes me want to see her soooner. I like the video. I get your point though.

I'm not a lawyer but her ad doesn't  state its a client, could be her bf.
Her ad doesn't say she performs that service.
Its a tease to get business that is all, if she wants to post the video I say go for it!

Tamcen C as well....but double posted the link of Macey...he must have been posting 1 handed, lol...

Here's Tamcen in action too...girl's got BBBJ skills too, & just made my bucket list too!


I luv that type of marketing!

I want to contact her for BJ! Great Technique.

Answer your question: IT WORKED!

Thanks for bringing this thread to my attention lol. I guess the video did work! Bahahaha!

Thanks for the support, friends! XOXO

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