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...whoever it is, she didn't do me with another reviewer. I have never done a MFM or a FMF for that matter. Just wanted to clear that up.

Suppose you do your research and find a provider who, based on her reviews, is extremely compatible with you.  Then when you see her, it is an OK time, not bad, but not as good as you had hoped.  She gave you the services as promised, but was not the mind blowing experience you hoped for.  Would you consider seeing her again?  In my experience, the first visit is the most awkward - the two of you are really getting to know each other and no matter how detailed the reviews are, there are still unknowns.  Just because she did XYZ with one reviewer does not necessarily mean she will with you.  On one hand, you know she is not LE, maybe she just had a bad day, and seeing her again may be easier than seeing another provider for the first time.  On the other hand, there are many great providers so why not move on? Has anyone gone back and are you glad you did? If so, how many times did you give it?  Of course, this is all assuming she is willing to see you again.

...whoever it is, she didn't do me with another reviewer. I have never done a MFM or a FMF for that matter. Just wanted to clear that up.

...to answer your question. I would probably see the provider one more time to be sure. I have seen some where the second session was better and all those thereafter were too.

I've had a few sessions that were OK, but no better, with very well known providers.  I don't hold it against them; YMMV and it's OK.  I wish them well but I won't see them again either.

And if it was just an OK time...I move on to the next lady that I think will be my type.

FWIW I have known before the end of the session if I was going to see her again, and usually set up the next one before I left.

Seems to work well for me so far.

Hopefully you'll find what works best for you as well.

I had exactly the experience you describe, and went back for a second time, and very glad I did.  You can read the juicy details in my review of Holly Lynn.  A very lovely woman.

One thing you always have to remember is that providers are firing up to perform sexually when they are not necessarily in the mood.  I think that mood, hormones, and disposition play a much bigger part in a woman's sexual response than it does in a man.   So the term is always YRMV.....

If, and only if, the provider is really hot (gorgeous face, great bod) I may book a second visit tops if the first visit is mediocre. Providers can have a bad day, have a bad client before you, be under the weather/sick/tired, or be wary about you for some reason on the first visit. The first visit lets her get to know you, know you're not a freak, not dangerous, not LE.

If I do this, I will try to book the follow up visit within a week or two so they are likely to remember me.
If the second visit sucks, no more.

In practice, I've done this only once or twice and the visits did get better.

times, and would not recommend it. Why go back to something when it wasn't good in the first place? Some of my best experiences were the first initial counters. If she wants to keep me as a client, then she should be able to show me a very good time the first time, not the second, or third time. I don't have to be obligated to find out.

I have went back and saw plenty of girls in the past because the first experience wasn't good as I expected. The experience with some of these providers got worse. I've even seen a few girls like three or four times, even when the first and second time wasn't good. I try to give them a chance to redeem themselves. Thinking they had a bad day, which affected their performance. I soon realize that I was investing in bad or lack luster service.

Some of us are nice guys in this hobby, and we try to give providers a second chance, or a third chance even. It's really a waste of time I found out. Now, if they don't show me a good time the first time, why should I go back? This is my advice, don't go back to seeing the same provider when her performance and attitude didn't live up to your expectations. I regret doing it, because I was foolish enough to give them three or four chances.

Recently I saw a provider whom I really anticipated I would have a fantastic time with, but owing to circumstances beyond both our control, the session didn't quite live up to what I was hoping for; so I anticpate seeing her again under better conditions, and hope that she will become a keeper.  (I'm waiting because she is a traveling gal and my city hasn't popped back up on her list yet.)

I don't recall any first dates in recent memory that weren't "do again-able", but obviously some are better than others, and with time and money constraints, I want to stick to the best overall.

In most cases, second, third, etc. dates do improve over the first, at least for a while, as we become more attuned to each other.

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