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What if he called it his "little man" or his "little guy"?
Martha_Focker 242 reads

Does it bother you if he talks about his small dick?

Justin_Beaver1341 reads

I'm sick of reading reviews and guys making a reference to how big their cocks are. Get it straight, the reviews are NOT about you, NOR do we care about your cock size. You should be reviewing the lady, and ONLY writing about her, not yourself! Maybe TER needs to add a section under a lady's profile where it says "Services Provided" that say "Client's cock size"?

I know it's a little gimmick to feed your ego and boost your lil' confidence. Quite frankly, we don't give a sh*t! So think twice before you decide to brag about your package the next time you write a review, because you sound like a douche. Is this High School where it's "cool" to brag about dick size? Who are you trying to impress? The answer is obvious, YOURSELF!

For example, check this reviewer out, he has 3 reviews posted, and in every review, he just can't refrain from telling us about his cock size.

And I quote...

"Because of my large size she was very excited to pull out the gold wrapped magnum condoms".

"She complimented me on the size of my cock and said I should do a scene with her".

"She told me she was waiting for a big hard cock like mine to come by".




This is not a rant, I'm a very easing going person, but I think we all cringe when reading about the size of a "John's" supposed cock size when trying to gather info about a particular lady.


saturnsky333 reads

If I read a review and he mentions he his hung like a donkey, I am going to respectfully decline seeing him. If I don't know, then he has just wasted his time. This subject has been covered and some of us ladies are NOT in any shape, way or form interested on being impaled by something that is going to cause GREAT discomfort over and over again.

A guy knows he is large and should somehow creatively find a way to possibly mention it in communication. Some ladies will deal and others like myself and couple on here will not and either ask you to leave or limit services.

be noted as with my reviews, but just bragging to brag is hilarious. You're right...no one cares.

more than halfway into LR's pussy.

And she loved it :D

And told me that was the best cock she's seen all day...err the last hour...oh crap... the last five minutes :D

London is a real God send, to the stubbies!!!...lol.
Just one time lord, before i die!!!...lol.

But you will never hear me bragging about my cock. Extremely short, narrow, and often limp when it should be hard, makes it real difficult to brag about.

RUSchittingMe265 reads

Du U suffer frum small-dick-itiss?  Jest wunderin'. >>>> LOL!  But seeriusly, dude,
sumtimes its good to hav this info.  Fore eggzample, I'm bigg (thikk, too!) an sum gals who say they feechure Greek woan't do it wit me.  So's readin' bout cock size can help me du my hoamwerk!  >>>> Rilly!  Uv coase U gotta fakter in thu bullshit-meter!
PS: if ya ask nyce I bet mrfisher kin git ya some powder to grow yer lil weenie!  Goode lukk wit dat!

Justin_Beaver267 reads

My package is just fine and I'm comfortable with it...

Learn how to write and speak properly because you sound ridiculous. And I barely understood your 3rd grade language.

No offense

RUSchittingMe229 reads

Foist uv awl >>>>> anywun hoo poasts under an ali-ass deserves nuthin more then ali-asses replyin' 2 him.  Git it now?
Next: I got my reesuns fer this sloppy langwidge.  Thot they'd be obvi-us 2 U but, like I sed, UR dummer then I thot!  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Justin_Beaver198 reads

I'm just having a friendly discussion or debate or whatever you want to call it.

I ain't mad atcha 😃

No hard feelings

RUSchittingMe185 reads

But yew shore did sound like ya got yer panties in a wadd!  Enywayz, no hard feelin' hear eether!
PS:  I swear I got a HUGE COCK!

RUSchittingMe176 reads

I maid thet point 2 Mr. Beever abuv butt U mist it!

Martha_Focker243 reads

Does it bother you if he talks about his small dick?

Justin_Beaver242 reads

Those are far and few between, and I think we'll both agree, those "Guys" aren't as arrogant in their reviews.

Last time I checked, the females are the ones collecting the donations, so until us "Guys" start getting paid by providers, I don't want to hear about dick size, Big or Small!

My stud double is equipped with the 19" massive missile that many reviewers are talking about.  And mine shoots a full quart of cum on demand.

Perhaps you need one as well?

You do realize that the gals keep a detailed account of our sessions, and I for one have every intention of making it to the TOP of the list.  I see how the gals work that Top list, so it's only fair to have a little help for us!

And to be fair to those gals that can't accommodate that massive girth, muscular stupendous, erotic tools and other names...I just use my own tool and no complaints so far.

And not only that she's paid me to make sure that I write that in the review.

I happen to love reading all about every pathetic guys cock size...always makes me laugh.  And some fellas are so good at using the English language to explain to us just how mesmerizing, throbbing, muscular, smooth, long, pulsating it is.

But you have to have all of that to corroborate why the gal had her 5...nope 6 mind shattering O's.

Otherwise it's just a boring story.

What...you would rather only know that she is the gal in the pics, nice incall, on time, had fun?  Sheesh :D

Saw mine and started humming "it's a small world after all" and I thought she was still in the "glow" of that nice litte Vacation with Family....Damn.......

Pass the Macallan...........

have little, those who don't are confident.  This applies across the board, not just to dick size.

I was just castrated by a few of our "Wonderful", TER ladies.
I do hope they keep it on their nite stand in a glass jar, to remind them that, "wow, we are such B-TCHES"

So now they are B-tches, they were ho's earlier? OH thats right you told them to STFU too and alot of good that did. I don't know maybe we shouldn't respond to you. You seem to have alot of drama. Don't worry I'm pretty sure they have no need for your dick. It'll probably be a cold day in hell before any ladies from here consider you as a client. Sounds to me like you burnt that bridge.

RUSchittingMe215 reads

Foist of all, U kastrated yur own selff but R too fukin' dum 2 C it. Yore woundz R all self-inflictid!
>>> Sekkind, nice hi-jakk! It rilly iz all about U, ain't it?
>>Pleeze go away now B4 U hoit your ownself.  UR now officially wut Gambler usta call "To Dumb to Post."

Justin_Beaver261 reads

Posted By: RUSchittingMe
Foist of all, U kastrated yur own selff but R too fukin' dum 2 C it. Yore woundz R all self-inflictid!
>>> Sekkind, nice hi-jakk! It rilly iz all about U, ain't it?
>>Pleeze go away now B4 U hoit your ownself.  UR now officially wut Gambler usta call "To Dumb to Post."

and apparently doesn't know the difference between bobbitized and castrated....

If you had, you would know that I have never made any mention of the size of my cock.  Yes, I have read some reviews where the guy mentioned his size, but not every review.  If a guy wants to brag on his equipment, what's the big deal?  I don't really pay any attention to it.  Yes, the review is supposed to be about the girl, but if a guy wants to compliment himself, I really don't care.


Agree with your comment.  Now ... how you post reviews?  I just can't do it, don't know how.  Maybe in your spare time, you let me know step-by-step how to post a review.  Do I open a review file first, and then ... I'm never able to "open in the new window" and paste it into my review file.  Help!!


MettaWorldPeaceOut247 reads

you are small. period. everyone is huge when nobody is around to call them on it.

leave it to fucking beaver....how about blessing us all with a REAL HANDLE!!!

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