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Retired?  I ask this based on all the accounts of providers continuing to see their favorite regular client long after they announce to the world that they are out of the business.

Then again, I don't know how many "retired" providers actually browse these forums ;)

I am just going to leave. No need to make a formal announcement. I especially love the ones who retire then get amnesia forgetting their website and ads are still up for six months lol. There are women who will always keep a little part of this business with them no matter how old they are or what happens in their lives, and there are those who will walk away and never look back once they get the job they want or get married.

Dear Ms. Rayne:
The reason that you have a chuckle is because you know when things get tight that is a skill set that is easy to polish and put back into effect.  It is just a matter of a small amount of time to get certain things together that are critical to the trade before you are in full effect. You can take the woman out of the game but you can't take the game out of the woman. With that said the door will always be slightly cracked, because you never know what life will throw at you or what situation you will be in where you have to do what you need to get along. Think about it London, considering that we are still coming out of a recession there are a lot of woman who have gotten into the hobby out of necessity. Although they never thought that they would be in this position, they are finding out how resourceful they really are and are finding out that they can really run a business if they had to.
But with respect to your comment you can only take it with a grain of salt. Besides she might still be seeing some atf's just as a slight backup
plan as well.

providers officially retire but unofficially never do..they simply take themselves out of the mainstream and do what they want to do at their own pace..many still see their regulars..their regulars expect it in most cases..the urge will always be there..the desire to give pleasure will always be there..once you have a true passion for what you do..the flames may die down a little..but the fire never goes out..

I've seen a couple of ladies use retirement and moving as an income strategy.  Apparently it works well enough for them do keep doing it within the same community, but if I were a hobbyist, it would send up multiple flags for me.  Some just love a good deal (aka cheap pussy) regardless of the circumstances, I suppose.  LOL

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Never underestimate the lure of cheap pussy!

Posted By: JuliasLilSecret
I've seen a couple of ladies use retirement and moving as an income strategy.  Apparently it works well enough for them do keep doing it within the same community, but if I were a hobbyist, it would send up multiple flags for me.  Some just love a good deal (aka cheap pussy) regardless of the circumstances, I suppose.  LOL

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One of my first, and definitely my first favorite. I was cleaning up old email and ran across our last eexchange - I did not go see her for her "going out of the business sale" because our time together had run its course back then, but the exchange was warm, sweet, and she did joke about how her retirement was real and not just a marketing ploy.

Her profile was pulled from TER shortly after that, at her request I assume, and the email address I have for her no longer works - my email bounced immediately and with finality. I briefly considered looking up the last phone number I had for her, but that would be way too intrusive. In retrospect there was a moment when I might have asked if it would be possible to stay in touch, might have asked a little more about the reasons behind her retirement, shown a little more concern, but I was looking at that exchange as an ending, as closure, and not considering the enjoyable times we had shared. Heck, I was still a bit angry at her for some stuff that happened. Silly me.

Anyway, all evidence is that she is quite retired and has moved on. So it does happen.


...as some would say.

A lady may announce her “retirement” for many reasons, so personally I do not laugh when a lady does so. I like to preoccupy myself with my own life than worry about an escort's "retirement".

Anyway, I realize the lady may not even be retiring. She just may not want everyone in her business but understands that most likely someone will post something on her regional board, being intrusive, asking what happened to her in just a matter of days if she does not answer their emails quickly.

Once I knew a lady who had to pretend online that she was no longer providing because it was a condition of her probation. The courts told her they would take her kids away if she continued to escort. She “retired” and there is nothing laughable about that.

Some ladies “retire” because they have a stalker, which could be another provider, client or lurker. Some people are truly that consumed with another that they need to stalk. The best way to get rid of them is to pretend you have retired and until they have realized how senseless it is to stalk/follow another...if that ever happens.

She may have other real life security, personal safety issues that cause her to retire for the moment. Most likely she is not going to alert the hobbyists/providers of this board with her real life problems, so she "retires" while secretly seeing regulars.

Who knows? I have learned the list is truly endless.

She could be trying to hide her income from her SO. Perhaps he was ok with her escorting in the past, but does not want her to do so any longer.

And some ladies genuinely move on. They have no issues and just are not interested in seeing men for money anymore. They may announce their retirement because they truly care about saying goodbye to their friends (too many to send personal emails).

I am not judging your post, because I used to be judgmental of other providers/hobbyists in the past, but as I have aged and matured, I have learned a few things. First, you cannot believe everything you read on these boards or trust every provider/hobbyist because they seem honest (everyone has an agenda). And sometimes people will post cover stories because they do not want other hobbyists/providers in their personal business/life (at some point, discretion is key and you do not need to know everything about me...some may think). Lastly it is not beneficial to judge what others do in this hobby. It is a hobby and we already have outsiders judging us, so knowing this, why would we judge each other?

Ladies: If you need to retire for months, years or decades and come back, do your thing and when you are ready to come back home, welcome! :)

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