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Why do you keep digging yourself deeper in a hole
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I know if I was trying to book Angel, and I found out you were screening me, I would be livid!
I used to like you once upon a time, but all the crap you have been posting latley, it is really hard to like you!

to respond to inquiries may not have that even as an option,,,,,

a few ladies that have assistants and they tell me, it is great!!
It gives them more time to prepare for dates, without having to answer all the phone calls and emais.
Your REALLY lucky if you find an assistant who doesn't cost you a fortune.
So,  is that what your asking, should u get an assistant?

Hey London, is that u? I know your the spell check lady!!!
I remember u correcting someone else on that very same word.
Ok you're then....lol.

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Hey Angel,

Your post doesn't make any sense at all.

Using an assistant to respond to what kind of inquiries???

What do you mean by "may not have that even as an option..."????


Posted By: angelexotic
to respond to inquiries may not have that even as an option,,,,,

wether the providers get dolled up and perform better when knowing a review is enroute after appt. i dontn know how i posted it at seperate thread, some how,,,,sorry---

i really dont think you need one angel..you are doing just fine the way you are..you have enough to worry about right now..get better.. worry about all this other stuff later..

Some gals handle their booking directly but have an assistant who helps with their screening.  A good assistant like this could be a member of TER or another board with the resources to check references of new clients.

I think it's all about me guys?
I was working for her for awhile.
Well that all fell apart and i'm being made to look like the "Monster" i'm not.
So, to be fair to the parties involved, time to put this to rest.
Believe what u may about anything you hear about me, i was just trying to help someone that i thought needed it.
I made some mistakes and apologized for it, it's all i can do.
I have no hard feelings towards Angel and if she's listening, I'm apologizing for the last time, take it or leave it.
I really did just want to help you. Guess this is no place to try and do a good deed for someone or just be a friend.

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There is no such thing as a "client" or "hobbiest" who screens a gals clients or does her bookings out of the goodness of his heart man. It just is not done. It is crossing some major boundaries and it sounds like there are some hidden motives here. I am sure all of her clients are sleeping much better tonight knowing that you now know exactly who they are? I don't think so! This business is about discretion.

You crossed the line and manipulated a gal that obviously was not using the best judgement and are calling it helping.

Call it what it is instead of trying to play possum.

These aren't simple mistakes, these are intential, harmful, malicious acts with serious repurcussions for all involved.

That's Bullshit!!
I did nothing to hurt her reputation or put her at risk.
As far as clients go, i'm a professional man and treated her clients the same.
I would never divulge someone's personal info.
You don't don't know me, so STFU.
Everyone is crying poor Angel, all i did was help her and yes, some of us do it, because we care.  (she says she has a hard time typing due to certain medical issues ) So i re-typed her web-site with her permission, to make it ledgible. She wanted more time to prepare for dates without all the phone calls, emails etc. Clients calling constantly all the way up to appointment time, she couldn't even get ready for her date. LIKE I SAID...I JUST WANTED TO HELP AND I DON'T GIVE A SHIT WHAT ANYBODY BELIEVES!!
I help people for a living, so don't judge what i am and what i am not....you don't friggen know me.

...and actually is a reply by her to a thread somewhere here on the boards. Somewhat like in the past when a reply by someone was somehow placed in a completely different discussion.

My business is MY business. I don't want anyone seeing who my clients are, their email addresses, or any correspondence I have with them. The type of relationship I have with my client and what we discuss is personal between him and me. PERIOD

i agree. as much as i hate the amount of time it takes to do all my booking and screening myself....I only trust me to do the best job for me. I wouldnt want my safety put at risk just because someone else decided to slack on screening or made an honest mistake. either way i simply would never trust someone to protect me as well as I can. I'm adamant about this because I started with an agency who supposedly screened and they sent me to the worst clients imaginable. I trust MY way and MY way only. I don't care if my would-be booker/screener was doing it for free, out of the goodness of his/her heart, or if I was paying him/her! I wouldnt ever expect another person do MY job better than me. So i will stick to being low volume and spend hours on emails and advertising. Beats the possibility of being locked up, beat up, dead, or blackmailed. Not to say I wouldnt LOVE to have an honest booker/screener! It's just not a chance I'm willing to take. LADIES remember this is about YOUR safety, YOUR life......protect it.

and just thought it was normal for many women who are too busy to do their own bookings. These are independent women on the high end, so it's not like some trailer park clown is seeing your info. I do think it is a good idea to have a woman or another provider even, do it vs. a guy. Even in the old days of agencies, guys would hang up if a man answered the phone. You should make it known upfront on your site that an assistant will be seeing this information though. It is not fair to have guys thinking you are the only one who sees it. I will add that it is a bit naive for guys to assume they have not already dealt with a booker and not known it...it is very common.

had a real bad experience with an "assistant" whom got fired and was pissed so he started intercepting tweets, emails, etc... he answered emails to setup appt. then deleted them so the provider never even saw them, causing no shows and a bad reputation. even sent me FU email. I was like wtf???

Be carefull with this!!!

recently started working with assistant during my travels and could not be happier.

My assistant is another lady who has impeccable reputation and we share same mentality and attitude regarding work ethics and discretion.

It CAN work, but you gotta be very careful in choosing the right person to work with.


I would feel like I was cheating if I didn't answer my own inquiries and run my own site. If I just showed up for appointments, and gave somebody a cut for all that, I might as well just work for an agency in my opinion. Yes keeping up on emails, calls, ads, board personalities, and all that is time consuming, but it's very well worth it in the long run. Even when my rates go up and I get busier and busier, I will still be running my own show :-)

Posted By: angelexotic
to respond to inquiries may not have that even as an option,,,,,

I prefer dealing directly with the lady. I don't really like dealing with an agency, assistant or booker. I would only make an exception if there was someone I really really wanted to see and that was the only way to contact her.

I understand that some ladies do use assistants to help them with screening and booking, to free up their own time. However I think this should be clearly stated on their ads and websites. At least if the client knows he will be dealing with an assitant, he can make a choice whether he wants to make the contact or not. To be using an assistant and not letting the prospective clients know, is deceptive. I also don't think a hobbyist should ever be used as an assistant! An assistant should be a provider, or a former provider or a complete outsider who understands the safety and discretion issues involved. If I was trying to book with a lady and found out a hobbyist was screening me and has all my information, I would be very pissed off.

suddenly neatly typed raplies they may not feel its me, id have to ask my assistant to really give them the real experience and type crazy too........

You had a good assistant and the clients were actually glad someone was finally responding to them in a timely fashion, because, you weren't.
As far as the typing goes, looks pretty unprofessional to me.
You had a nice neat web-site for awhile, i see that is no longer the case.
Sorry, but when i responded to your clients, the whole process was professional and they thanked me for it. ( can't say the same aboutt you. )

I know if I was trying to book Angel, and I found out you were screening me, I would be livid!
I used to like you once upon a time, but all the crap you have been posting latley, it is really hard to like you!

I have never used an assistant and I do not plan on doing so ever. When I find that I am receiving more inquiries than I can handle, I find ways to halt the traffic e.g. raise my rates, put up a vacation message etc. I understand guys are already nervous about sharing their screening info with me, so in addition I will not require they give that info to an assistant. I have never been busted (knock on wood), but if I do end up in that situation, I would rather it be because I did not screen well than trusting another crimin..um...er..um..al.. person to screen for me. To each their own...stay safe!


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