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Do providers care about a man's wealth/profession?
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On a provider's website, it said to state age, and profession in email. Being an average college student, I wondered whether certain providers preferred older, wealthier men. What do you guys think? I don't see why the provider would care about profession. Every man deserves luxury once in a while.

Knowing what his profession, interests and hobbies are allows for individually tailored conversation during our time together.

It does not matter how much money you make.  What matters is your ability to pay for scheduled time :)


(Always a good place to be!)

If it doesn't come up during the screening process, I'll often ask during our time together what they do outside of this world - not because I'm judging someone on the basis of their profession or hobbies, but because the conversation that develops is often quite interesting.

As a side note, if your intro note is as personable and respectful as your conversation here I don't think mentioning you're a college student would damage your first impression in any way.

I will pass her screening requirements, show up clean, be respectful, treat her like a lady, bring the correct donation she requires, and when I'm done, I'll thank her for her time spent with me.

Nothing more, nothing less

You are an average college student, can you say that your financials, experience, wealth is equivalent of someone that is double your age? These older men have already obtain their careers by this age, have been with multiple women, and have already established their financials to enjoy themselves.

Some providers do discriminate on a clients age, some will not see anyone under 30, and some will not see anyone under 40. I'm not in my early 20's anymore, and I can tell you, when your at my age, you view a 20 year old as just a child. To answer your question, yes, some providers will discriminate on a hobbyist age. Some do prefer mature men because they have already obtain everything, and only want to enjoy.

As it relates to occupation. Yes, some do. You are in college, and are a college student. Do you think that your finances are equivalent to someone that has a successful career and has been working for over 30 years to save for his retirement, have good money in his bank account, and owns property such as a house or several cars?

Some providers want a stable client, someone that they know are able to support them financially. Sure, you may save a few hundred dollars to see a provider, but, guys with good professions can see that same provider like 4 or 5 times a month without it hindering his finances. Some providers do invest in certain clients because they are stable in their financials.

I am sure there are some that disagree with me. Some will say that they don't discriminate on age and profession, and as long as he is a nice guy and are able to afford their services, then it should be okay. Well, if you over 30, and have a good profession, your more than likely to be successful at influencing her decision to see you. That, along with provider references of course. Have fun!

i dont ask about a mans profession unless he mentions something about it in conversation.  it is not part of  my business to know what they do for a living.

i could care less if they are an affluent middle-aged professional or a college student.  they are all here for us.  just because someone appears to have everything, doesnt mean they actually do.  besides, that college guy wont be in college forever.  he might just remember the girl who didnt give him shit because of it.

....it's nice to know as one of many talking points. So I look at it as a thing I like to know not have to know (unless you have zippidy-doo-da else to screen with but work verification and then it becomes a requirement).    There are some ladies who only want to cater to affluent men but ehh I agree with the OP that once in a while men of all income levels (however long they need to save for it) deserve some luxury.

guys who can't provide a valid employment reference, and many just avoid guys who are under 35. "College student" tells me nothing, so unless you had some seriously well known providers as references, that would be a pass.

I MUST ask my dates what kind of career they are in as I CANNOT have my business world collide with my "secret" hobby world. So those of us with a "legal" profession may need to ask.

Then this is standard operating procedure.  These are the same kinds of questions that Date Check and other services will ask you in order to get verified.  Verifiable employment in private industry is the main indication people look for to make sure you aren't a cop.

If it's for another reason... well, the most polite way I can put this is "I'm not even going to get into that on a public forum..."  Think I'll keep my opinions about that one to myself.

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