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Who ever you are, I love your answer! Can I schedule with you Miss? [e]teeth_smile
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Do you "Do yourself up" more so you look better, and do you perform better knowing you will be reviewed?

Just something I wonder about, and of course I'm no fool to expect you to tell me otherwise :D

I'd like to hear your thoughts on this, as well as what other guys think about this.

Regardless if the gent I see is a reviewer or not I show up at his door in my best.
Many of the gents I see are not reviewers.
I am going to show up clean,make-up and hair done,nice clothes and provide a mind-blowing service regardless if he is going to post a review of me or not.
Reviews are a useful tool for the gents but I am not going to do my best only for a reviewer and then give the non-reviewer's 50%.
I much prefer the return visit than a review even though a great review does not hurt.lol
Just my .02

RUSchittingMe192 reads

Most of the women I've seen ask for my board handles as part of their screening process.  Whether I give it to them is another question.  Most people understand the risks of doing this and many refuse to reveal handles or now review under an alias for obvious reasons.

Each Individual should be made to feel special, I don't care who they are.  All of You gents spend your hard earned money coming to see us ladies and it is MY pleasure to treat you like the KING you are.  Even for an hour, you will get  what you want.

Is there some more than others I like, Of course, we are human.  But you will each be kissed and licked like no other, review or not.

Review systems are in place for others to know about you.  NOT to make you or break you as a person.  

Once Developed patterns (consistency) take place a review is just another mans recollection of the date to look back on.

....I get pretty for me lol but if he likes it that's a plus. I kid...kinda.  I make it a point (usually) to ask how he wants me to look and I accomodate the best I can.  He wants heavy makeup, a little, nothing but lipgloss etc,  regular dress, tee and jeans, bodystocking etc  again I do what I can whether he's a reviewer or not..... most of the gents i've seen recently weren't reviewers (all but 1).

And reviewer or not he gets the best of what he wants. I think any guy can tell if you're making effort and enjoying that effort which is a huge part in why they return so more that return without as much advertising the better.

But I treat everyone the same and always give my best.  Either a repeat visit, a review, or both is all good!
But I totally understand those gents who don't want to write reviews and respect that also.

Martha_Focker195 reads

If you know the boss/owner/or CEO will be in the office today evaluating employees, yeah, you're going to be on your toes and be the model employee.

Not to say that you'd be a crappy worker when there are no evaluations going on, but the ladies who say they're ALWAYS extra fantastic for EVERY client, reviewer or not, are just doing PR speech.

I am not awed by reviewers nor will I treat them any different. Sorry but some of us are not kissing a reviewers ass for a review.

I rarely see any guys that review. I am more a "client" woman than a "hobbyist" woman. And there is a HUGE difference between the two.

I find the more a lady ass kisses a reviewing hobbyist, the more entitled and pushy and overbearing they get....JMHO

hotplants116 reads

But I think that is a flawed assumption, on your part.

I behave exactly the same regardless of whether the boss/owner/or CEO will be in the office evaluating employees, or not.  

To assume that all people make some change in their behavior when the boss comes into the office, is to assume that all people are, somehow, to some degree, slacking otherwise. I do my job the same, regardless; which is always as I should be doing it. No PR speech there.

And just as I know not all people in my business do as I do, it's not fair for you to assume all providers do as you do.

Martha_Focker104 reads

Points well taken.  I did paint every provider with a broad brush stroke.  Different people have different work ethics, indeed..

im pretty much the same for every client....but if ive read something specifically in his reviews of other providers that implied he would like "this" and "that" done to him,  you better believe I'm taking notes :) This is my way of making my clients feel I'm catering to them personally, which I am.

Just through my experiences....

I use to inform the ladies I was a "TER Member" so obviously they knew I would review them. Wether that made them perform better for me, or look hotter for me, I don't know?

But the downside to letting "some" ladies know, is that almost every session would end with, "You're going to leave me a good review right"? And that's what I didn't like.

Just a little topic of discussion I was curious about, and thanks for everyone's thoughts.

Some guys like to get cocky with it and wave it over your heads. I like to the more UTR guys that very seldom and sometimes don't write reviews. I think that's the reason they let you know. A provider just give her all no matter who she is seeing.


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