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my first review was a first review.
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but I know what you say!

One, the number of new providers having their first review done by a first time reviewer being posted.  I have only seen this in the Tampa listing, since that's where I am.  I contacted admin, and they told me they were going to be watching that more closely.  Then I go back to the review list, and there was another one.....go figure.

Two, I submitted a review just before 11:30 EDT today, and it was posted within 40 minutes.  I have never had that happen to me before, but I have seen other posts about it happening to some other guys.  Guess it must be a slow day for the review approvers today.


Or should I say consistently inconsistent?

Reviews do get posted that never should have and valid reviews denied. It's always been that way, but at times worse then others. It has been complained about a hundred or more times on various boards over the years.

This week reviews may pop up in hours, next week it may take 4 days. This is also nothing new.

collusion often is hard to spot..even harder to prove..someone is watching..

I've noticed that in Joisey from time to time.

Thank you
2012 = 28

I had been noticing this also that there are alot of first time reviewers and new providers.

Swim, I've seen a lot of these situations over the years, and over the years, TER has improved its search capabilities to make it easier to weed these out.

Many years ago I suggested to TER to put in a filter based on "number of reviews", and they implemented my suggestion. I use this all the time to ensure I search for girls with at least 3 or 4 reviews. Then, I look at whether a girl's reviews are all first-time hobbyists or guys with years of reviews.

Recently, TER implemented their "top 100" lists for each city -- I find that very useful when I visit a city for the first time. Their "top 100" algorithm seems to take all these issues into account.

Still, I guess there are always bogus reviews that are going to make it into the mix. I think we should all let TER know about reviews that feel bogus.


they check that too, notn jut the ranking on a list but who all the reviews came form,

I agree that new provider + first-time reviewer looks sketchy. Is it true that new reviewers may be more willing to TOFTT than guys who have been around for a while, have an ATF and are leery of seeing new, unproven providers? As someone who's looking to move beyond a few under-the-radar clients per month, should I *actively avoid* asking them to review me if they are new TER members with no other reviews?

The other option (and this feels sketchy as well) is for a new provider to offer first-date discounts to the top X reviewers in her city... my sense is that would be perceived as "too business-oriented" by the masses. Thoughts?

Personally I think it's fair, I spent a lot of time writing a review, just getting two weeks of membership in TER sometimes doesn't feel like enough.

It's tough on both sides of the fence, getting started.  As part of your screening, you can check and see if they are TER members and if they have reviews.  You might have to ask it they are a member and what their handle is to do that.  

Let me emphasize this, DO NOT, under any circumstances, announce a discount for a review in an ad on this site.  That will get you banned as soon as admin sees it.  You can do it on your website, if you have one, or on other sites you place ads on, just not on here.  I would not, as you said, "actively avoid" asking newer reviewers to review you.  After all, some is better than none.  Once you have a few, it will get easier.

Good luck,

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