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Ha! I got 18 out of 20 too! I wonder if we're missing the same ones (eom)
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I think they are often pretty obvious to me and somehow not obvious to others.  A number of reviews say 'no' or 'don't know' in the basic stats.  But the review will say they are DD and perky, and sure enough, when I met one and she had super obvious fake breasts.  In other cases, the basic states will say 'no' and then some of the detailed reviews have mention they are obviously fake.  I wonder if some guys have just been watching fake breasts for so long that they no longer can spot them?

they leave a wide gap between each other.

I know of one gal whom I have been seeing for years and never suspected her C cups were not real.  Then one day I was at her home and saw an old photo of her in a bikini.  I turned around stunned and she said:  "Yup, they're fake."

They felt and looked so natural it was amazing.

That's what a good PS can do for you, so never scrimp when it comes to that.

The unaligned nipples and scars are giveaways.  And one I touch them I can tell.  But I don't care.  If the scars are really bad or the nipples really hosed up that is one thing, but otherwise, it doesn't detract from the effect for me.  

But I don't have enough experience with implants in regards to treating them as tools to turn on women in comparison to real breasts to comment on whether they function sexually as well.   Most women I know are turned on by having their nipples caressed, and I have never run across one that derived satisfaction from the stimulating breast tissue itself.

They could have been real when the review was written but she later had them done and no one problem reported the change. Yes I had the profile changed.

does them and i know sound gross, carves out extra space so when you move. they move. when you lay down they move too.He showed pics of alos another surgeons work where they are high and well you can see the outline of the implant and its too highand looks un natural.............ifthey carve out alot room for it to move with you.   As well as placement of impkant not being si high. also if its dont with out a lift as well at same time,,,,,,,,,,,of surgury, So they are still well hanging at a natural leavel...... I recently went to the intake or whatever they call it. i tryed on all the different sized ones . i decided on 360- { any women with plants will know, roughly what size....He does a procedure once and once only. then you have those for life,,None of the goin bnack in 8 years I had thought thats what be in store.
I guess if the nipples are still pointin forward thats how theyd judge they are not in need a lift as well. some women may just want the lift too. Then that may make them be obviuos it was a breasts enhancement of some kind.  I d like to get thewm but, going to that intake really scared me. They showed photos of women who got internal bleeding after and need to be brought in for emergency surgury.... You also can die under anesthesia..............i never had surgury so. It scared me. Then the thoughtmy poor little terrier nothavn me cuz i wanted fake breats and died on operatin table........But if they carve out extra space forthe impkant to move , like when you lay down itll move naturally, if done a differnt way when you lay down theyll not move.     thhe surgeon i went to discuss me maybe goin under knife in name of having bigger breast! he charges 5 grand............
if done a certain way the plants can be hindred percdent un detectable,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,deoends on look ladyb wants they all have a portdfolio ofnthier work ladies can look at before surgury, some may want them high and hard. some may want them to move with them and fall in a natural way.

Angie, from what I can see you should NEVER get breast implants!

some men (me) don't care if they are big or small as long as they are real! If I wanted to play with a beach ball I would go to the beach..

Not trying to offend those with them already, sorry

Enjoy the moment instead of carrying several different pet peeves into a session. Select wisely and enjoy the ride.

Life is short to be concerned and worried about many useless things people worry about.

And to answer your question, implants aren't hard to spot. Only difference is, some "Boob Jobs" look better then others. I actually like them, big is big to me.

But I'll admit, the only ones I dislike are the ones that feel "Rock Hard" and don't move. I like my titties to jiggle and bounce :D

has perfect breasts for her body already, and doesn't really need to do anything to "enhance" them at all. She is one beautiful, well-proportioned young lady imho. She's wonderful to look at, and can't wait until I can cup her luscious breasts in my hands. But to each their own...everybody has their preferences....mine happen to be a great looking natural B or C cup.

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