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Business Transaction for $2.8 million. Classic BS. EOM
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I guess his magic 8 ball didn't tell him he would be resorting to spamming hooker ads to make a dime lol. By all means don't even respond to him, or you will be called a dirty whore, stupid, you have aids, etc. His future prediction for me was, "Aids and Arrest" lol. Hmm, a stand up guy indeed!

He hits every hooker ad on eros BEGGING for OUR business because he is too cheap to place an ad, yet he thinks we are the scum of the earth? Brilliant marketing dude bwahahaha.

Just hit spam, as that's where it belongs. Do people really fall for this crap? A guy claiming his "powers" are from God but can't resist insulting those who don't want his wacko services is off in more ways than one. If I needed my damn cards read, it would be from someone in the French Quarter so I can put money back in New Orleans!

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I was watching a documentary about Nigerian scammers a few days ago. I couldn't believe how gullible some people were. Their greed affected their judgments, thinking they could get rich if they send a few thousand dollars. They was even targeting lonely women on an dating site. There were many women that gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to men they never met. Not only that, some of them had prestigious education background, such as lawyers, doctors, and other professionals. This one doctor gave this guy several hundreds of thousands dollars to buy a formula to take this ink off from the stained money. There will always be some sucker out there that will invest thousands into their scam.

Having my palm read by that fruit cake in the ad is awkward. If they dude can read the future, he'd invest in his psychic powers to buy the winner numbers for the lottery. Those tarot card readings are for suckers. That shit is not real, but, for entertainment only.

looking at pussy pics of providers.
Your reading: i predict, u will cause several men, to get BONERS this yr!!
Now send me my $100.00.....lol.

If you notice on my post I never attach my website info well there is a reason. Last year a friend who has over 30 reviews on this site and two others. Stated that she was receiving offer's to work for local and traveling pimps. Apparently they read this site as well as the general public...hello. LOLOL.. One had been harassing her for months. Well I checked my mail  from my order forms connected with my website. On occasion I put my Google number on my site for question purposes . I will take it down when people only text and note call. To make this short a Pimp by the name of "King Ohio" has been filling out my forms. Calling and texting me to work for him! What a low life and a "Scum bag". I do not respond to his messages. Because it will cause a potential back-lash and ruination of my business. He at first passed him off as a client with a "whitelist" from the TER. When I called him there was never an answer..then I started receiving the following text..This guy is really dangerous and these pimps must be stopped from targeting mid-level to high-end call girls. They should stick to their 30.00 to 90.00 street hooker's..I have blacklisted him and warned other girls..in the second attachment is his note that he sends.. Such a low life scum bag. Maybe he should sell his own ass?...Lol

This is what a pimp sent to my website,email and Google phone text center.(( " Not stalkin just chechn in hope things alright. Maybe u still not ready to join a nice gentlemen and still take risks on ur own. But I would not mind gaining your trust to show u,I never abuse,your needs is 1st and you will always see upscale gents. Now im in Cleveland,let it b ur next stop,always willing to travel. Don't be alone to dangerous out here. If you happy where u at that fine,but if you want a better situation call me (216)6X3-X231))...First of all I'm a proud Independent call girl who does rather well and I have no desire to work in a pimps stable. Second the nerve of him contacting me...........! I would love to gas him in a cell and spit cobra's venom in his eyes. He has sent e-mails saying that 300,400,600,800 escorts will all be working for him. That we don't deserve that kind of money and all kinds of nasty hideous comments. I have not made a response to him or the other's. I want to tell that scum bag to get lost and get a real life. Just a warning ladies they are disguising themselves as TER member's,P-411. Please don't fall victim to these worthless shit-heads...By the way who in the hell pays over 300-600 an hour in Cleveland,Ohio these days? If they contact you via your website..immediately report them to the other ladies. I would love to give him a taste of his own medicine.... This dirt bag and his friends ruin our industry with their teenage runways...

If you want to call a guy who sends like 5 to 6 emails a day then makes threats, calls you names, and says he hopes we all get aids, I guess that's a spammer to you...low life nut job to me
I mean I am not having trouble sleeping at night because of it, but I don't think hard working hookers need to constantly have to deal with bs. If these dead beats placed their OWN ads vs. using the ones we pay for to try and solicit their business, they might actually get some. Anyone who sends me mail of any kind is never contacted for services. If I want your product or service, I will contact YOU!

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Those are 2 VERY different things hun.
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... but stalkers find out where you live, track your car, peep in windows, attack you physically, next thing you know there is a lifetime movie out about it. Im sorry you are getting a bunch of emails that hurt your feelings & make you mad to the point where you are posting about it, but he is not a stalker.
He's a pain in the ass, yes, but a stalker? No. I hope you never have one either, because I have.

To be honest with everyone..This idiot passes himself off as a potential client. When I attempted to contact him concerning general booking . He would never answer the phone though he started to texting with the lie he was a "TER" Whitelist hobbyist. He refused to speak with me over the phone...I sent an additional note via a Hotmail account of his. Then the next day I was besieged with messages that he was a pimp! These scum bags have some nerves contacting us we are independent and not in need of their services. Spammer or Stalker they should get a life/ maybe hustle some wealthy widow....instead of trying to prey upon us ladies?

Ladies, this guy scares me we meet fing idiots like him every day.  Just bought a stun gun from my girl, I feel better already. hit her up damsel in Defense LV. Tase  his ass!!!!!

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