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ChgoCPA.....Please, Stop running off the fresh meat...He's our next paycheck, k thx e
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If So.. Enjoy/celebrate with a few with a few of your Favorite Ladies

Congrats ..Its Like the Dotcom all over again..  Remember "Greed Is NOT good"
Lorena De Leon aka Lovely Lorena

only into biotech and pharmaceuticals.

Meanwhile, Zuckerberg should come out and join the hobbying community lol.

biotechs and pharmaceuticals?


Well you know the rest pal :)

I have been trading since freshman year. That is how I am able to afford my lifestyle, not like you from taking hand outs from the government.

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Does that mean you're not really an 18 year old know it all?  

I'm shocked.  Not.

an alias can't post as his handle in the same thread.

So I'm not everyone here...sorry!

I guess a few others question the "preppie" persona as well :)

When is the last time you had sex? Last year? I understand your frustration. Come to Boston some time and I will hook you up with a nice lady. No worries, I will pay for the lady. I understand that the food stamp does not cover escort services.

Right around the time you were joining TER ironically.

Walked the Freedom Trail, went to "Old Ironsides", had a cannoli at Mike's downtown, took a tour of Fenway Park and watched my kid play some hockey.  And watched a few games at the bars with my kid and her friends...always nice when the kids aren't embarrassed to take the "old man" out on the town :)

Boston is amazing and I was surprised at how "old" the city was overall.

And while food stamps don't cover escort services, I am always saddened when I see people using the LINK cards (plastic for food stamps) to buy booze and smokes.

As for my sex life....no need for help on that.  I'm doing just fine on my own...and the gals that I see always thank me for stopping by...and it doesn't hurt that I leave them a few somethings that help with their bill paying.

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and my post was a serious one.

I don't know CPA at all other than what he posts here.  Sometimes he's annoying, I agree.  

But know-it-all 18 year olds are pretty damn annoying too.  In fact, know-it-alls of all ages are annoying.  CPA is often guilty of it too.

Which is all beside the point.  The point is that on this one point I agree with CPA - there is no way you're actually the annoying 18 you pretend to be.  And that an adult would think it's fun to play a teenager is just lame.

I am perfectly acting my age. But a few of you are still stuck in 1960s when you were teenagers. So I am not acting or talking like an adult. You are talking and acting like an 18 year old.

Think about it. Who in the right mind who want to argue with an 18 year old on a fuck board in the first place? It is something that my friend living next door would like to do on Facebook.

And well I am a chill guy who gets bored from time to time. If CCPA wouldn't reply to every one of my replies and threads, I think that GD will be more productive. Perhaps it is my fault for not putting him in the ignore list.. Still trying to figure out how..

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What 18 year old in their right mind would be wasting a Friday evening babbling to a bunch of over the hill hippie types?

Gotta tell you preppie...when I was 18 the very idea of sitting in my parents basement typing on a fuck board would have been so depressing.

At 18 we were out fucking the 17 year olds...which is what you might consider doing.  If only you were an 18 year old :)  Nope, you would rather chat with a bunch of women who (if you were really only 18) are old enough to be your grandmother.

Sorry...just threw up in my mouth a little!

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... to click that giant blue "ignore user" button when you read a post. What was your SAT score again?

I'd take TER over FB stock any day.

Others? What would you value TER at?

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Somebody needed to put Chicago CPA in his place and get him off his soap box. Nothing like sitting in a glass house and passing judgement about others without knowing the facts.

He is probably jealous he didn't get to fuck chicks his own age when he was 18 much less escorts!

So you're assuming you know anything about me (other than my posts...and if you had half a brain you might actually get some of this stuff), and then feel free to make an unmitigated comment assuming my fucking history and with whom?  Remember there HC...people in glass houses blah blah blah :)

BTW...how long did it take you and preppie to come up with that "zinger" of his?  That was a knee slapper if I've ever heard one.  Oh wait, my 6 year old nephews use that type of humor.

to me on exactly how many words each of my replies/posts are.

That would be a fun exercise to do...NOT :(

But if you have the urge, I'll read the post :)

But again, I wouldn't hold my breath on preppie seeing you.

He bought Facebook options at 70...not a good thing if you look at the close today :(

Facebook will probably do well but im always hesitant about it because something better and cooler will come out.  Cause I remember when myspace was da bomb.  

and I wish I had a provider to celebrate with but I guess I will have to wait for my next trip to sin city!

I agree. I give Facebook another year TOPS, before it will be a thing of the past. It has already slowed down considerably from say, a year ago. Many users are cancelling their accounts & it will not be worth much soon.

Posted By: BoyToy4U
Facebook will probably do well but im always hesitant about it because something better and cooler will come out.  Cause I remember when myspace was da bomb.  

and I wish I had a provider to celebrate with but I guess I will have to wait for my next trip to sin city!
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Facebook seems to be the flavor of the month now, just like the AOL and MySpace were in their heyday.

Facebook is no comparison to myspace and the others, that is why it has gone public.

My 68 yr old Aunt is now on it and building her friends everyday. It is a very wanted and needed site which will not go away as in the flavor of the month, it will just keep on growing.

The less desirable it becomes. Imagine if tomorow every one deleted their account. FB would be worthless.

What a waste of money that would have been.

more mindless banter..again..your very own words..

Will fizzle. Reason:

There is bound to be more personal information leaks, more laws protecting privacy and laws suits for privacy violations, fines in other nations which does not allow selling private information as in US.

Basically, no real product but the business model is all about capitalizing individual participation and selling advertisements. Social networking will fade into oblivion also.

GM found facebook ads don't work, and pulled its account valued in the millions.  If this becomes a trend, only way facebook can be profitable is to market personal information.  Not a good thing.


Feel free to use that one if you like.

It ain't worth much more than the stock anyways.

I buy stocks, but I don't buy anything that is "hot" or "trendy."

I buy boring stuff -- things like natural gas pipelines, water companies and mines. I also buy stocks that will benefit from existing trends.

But I don't buy anything hip, hot or trendy. Not even clothes. LOL

Funny, my portfolio is fine.

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The only real winners are the Facebook insiders, and those who dumped their stock on the IPO day to monetize their gains.

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