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Teach me how to put that huge smiley in the body line.
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And no one will be confused as to when Im joking. Show me dammit! Its the secret of TER.
PM me if you want.

I wonder if anyone has had a similar experience.
So I had some great sex. I'm in her bed, and notice a big ass air conditioning unit sitting on the floor. I offer to move it into the window. I'm a pretty strong guy, but my legs turned into jello when I picked this thing up! I looked like I was drunk. I almost fell on my ass. After that the shakyness got worse. It felt like I had rubber bands in my legs. I could barley keep my foot on the pedals in my car! I got pretty drunk the day before and wonder if that may have something to do with it. I wonder if everyone who saw me stumbling around knew I just got laid.

She is good and must have fucked your balls out! LOL

the busiest day for a Hooker.
We're busy shaking the kitty at the moment so the boy are bored.
We miss our buddies today...smooches

There's a sale at La Perla today..

And you're out getting some nice stuff to bring with you to ChiTown.

during a threesome with you standing up..have two beautiful ladies alternately suck your dick for about twenty minutes..i guarantee you will barely make it back to your car let alone feel the pedals..what a great feeling..

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